Corporate Culture

Acquiring Critical Leadership Criteria Senior management understands the value of investing in future leadership, but also realizes that to find extraordinary leaders it is important to look for outstanding qualities that are multidimensional, strategically developed, and tempered by experience.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself regarding your leadership development objectives:

Do I have a panoramic vision of the organization?
Leading from the top doesn’t always work in today’s diverse and complex companies, so develop a more panoramic and cross-departmental vision and understanding to ensure sustainable success. Knowing how to operate horizontally and diagonally, in other words, is the fastest way to earn a vertical promotion.

How do I handle workplace politics?
Volunteer up, praise down, and never repeat office gossip. Pitch in to reinforce the performance of your bosses when you see room for improvement. Promote and support those on your team or your employees. Never speak about someone in a way that you aren’t prepared to say to their face. Follow that code and you’ll

3 Leadership Tips for Developing Top Talent The key to sustainable success in any business or as a high performance leader is to constantly fuel the talent pipeline. But the easiest, most cost effective way to gain more valuable human resources and maintain a roster of top talent is to develop your talent from within the organization.

Here are three tips to help you accomplish that:

1) Invest in the success of your people

Unless you spend some time and money to develop those on your team, they will either never reach their full potential or they will eventually leave for greener pastures. A much more economically viable strategy is to develop your talent with proactive initiatives. Keep in mind that many employees value an investment in career development as much as they do a financial raise.

2) Reward your high achievers

It is much cheaper to fuel the pipeline from within, and investing in your own people generates loyalty and high morale while it simultaneously attracts the most qualified and talented new hires. That combats the expense and disruption caused by high rates of attrition, so investing in your

Just a few years back businesses were booming and profits were high. Companies kept adding higher levels of management and new leadership positions to their organizational hierarchies. Every time you turned around there was a new internal memo announcing a long list of recently promoted...

Here’s the misunderstood truth about landing a secure and comfortable promotion. To get there you have to be willing to risk the sensation of insecurity and commit yourself to discomfort. The nature of career development and leadership growth is change – and that’s the opposite...

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