Corporate Consulting

Consulting is offered for individual leaders and companies interested in developing talent, building high performance teams, creating a more engaged and productive workplace climate, and elevating leadership skills to a much higher level of accelerated performance, productivity, and profitability.

People are your most valuable resource and our expertise is maximizing the value of those people for a more robust ROI throughout your company’s grid and DNA structure. We can help you to identify potential strengths that are not being fully optimized, while we simultaneously isolate the root causes of hidden weakness and eliminate them.

Sample project work:

  • Critically analyze your company’s current DNA. Identify practical ways to maximize growth and development of your internal talent – to most efficiently and effectively accelerate the organization’s results.
  • Assess gaps in executive leadership skills and offer innovative solutions to rapidly up-level leaders in order to quickly implement corporate initiatives and/or achieve targeted business goals.
  • Determine what specific obstacles or shortcomings are limiting the contributions of leaders and teams and remedy those to heighten focus, engagement, and performance success.
  • Illuminate organizational and individual leadership blind spots and uncover corporate silos. Replace them through improved mindset management, communication, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Determine how customers perceive your leaders and rectify any perceptions that do not fully align with your organization’s vision, brand, and mission.
  • Ensure that leadership is fully synchronized with those values in vision, mindset, communication, and action on behalf of your organization.

The symptoms can be everything from a lack of bold leadership in the pipeline to difficulty merging teams after an acquisition or a lack of productivity and workplace morale. Those are external expressions of vulnerability within the organizational DNA. Contact us so we can illuminate those issues with insightful experience and then leverage world-class techniques and best practices to implement customized solutions to your specific needs, benchmarks, and aspirations.

Client results from Corporate Consulting work with Sarah

Sarah helped me to amplify my personal brand packaging for greater success!

I worked with Sarah as part of the Concord Medical Team’s mission to help our office amplify our professional image to help us achieve our business goals of 5X over the next year.

I sought out her expertise to provide constructive feedback on how to help me look my absolute best and discover my personal brand to ultimately enhance the brand of the office. I am now confident that I exude a professional presence that communicates the right messages that correspond with how I want others to perceive me as the expert in my industry.

Sarah shared how-to’s to help me upgrade my professional wardrobe and explained the art of why it’s important to show up ‘looking the part’. She helped me gain real clarity and focus around the leader I wanted to become and then shared her expertise to help me create that professional look. Since my consulting work with Sarah began I’ve continued to transform my overall image and I love the results. It all started with taking the first step with Sarah.

Enhancing my professional image was critical in achieving my goals as a top-notch leader. Today I dress to blend my authentic style, position to package my personal brand to influence clients and I feel great. If you want expert status and you’re wondering how to change other’s perceptions of your professional image, Sarah Hathorn will definitely educate, and inspire you to step up your overall personal brand. She helped me look the part and was a positive brand ambassador for our chiropractic office. Sarah is my secret weapon! If you’re a high level leader or executive, I highly recommend her to help you amplify your personal brand packaging for greater success in your line of business.”

Richard Jaskewich, PA-C
Concord Medical Spine & Pain Center

Thanks to Sarah Business Improved 100%!

“During the past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah as an executive coach and corporate consultant. Now I am glad to report that as a result of collaborating with her we have a stronger team and have exceeded our sales target by 100% over last year.

I selected Sarah based on her extensive background and expertise as a senior level executive for Macy’s, wanting her to elevate our company brand, build bench strength, implement business systems and training programs, and help me become a more dynamic leader and effective communicator. The management and leadership skills, strategies, and techniques we learned from her will continue to amplify our business results because we are now a more efficient and productive dental practice.

I am an expert dentist, but beyond that Sarah taught me to be introspective, master the soft skills of leadership, and become a dynamic business leader to grow my practice.

I’m grateful for the extreme pleasure of learning from Sarah! If you are looking for a leadership coach I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Behzad Nazari, DDS
Antoine Dental Center

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