What is the Predictable Promotion®?

After years of extensive research and hands-on development, Sarah Hathorn introduced her proprietary leadership methodology known as the Predictable Promotion®. The unique program prepares corporate leaders to advance to the next level through a strategic, customizable, and step-by-step process. Sarah’s system is adaptable and applicable for individuals, teams, and entire organizations who work with her as her consultancy clients.

Predictable Promotion®

Through her innovative system she enables companies to create successful succession planning and leader development initiatives that ensure predictable increases in productivity, performance and profitably. For more than 30 years she has deployed and refined this system, which has directly helped to promote thousands of leaders. As a result, many of her former protégés now occupy the highest positions within Fortune 500 companies, and her client list is a virtual “Who’s Who” of elite companies and top executives.

The Predictable Promotion® succeeds because it provides leaders with a concrete, actionable game plan. By following this coaching blueprint, they learn to engage themselves and their teams, while aligning with organizational goals and mandates. Leaders acquire techniques that inspire others, while fueling better business outcomes based on industry best practices.

The Predictable Promotion® allows individuals to achieve upward career mobility, or enjoy diagonal or lateral promotions that promise nontraditional benefits such as enhanced career experience and improved work/life balance.

The Predictable Promotion® also supports recently-promoted executives with effective leadership skills, leadership management capability, charismatic executive presence, and effective and influential communication skills. Included in the system are modules that help to define and upgrade leadership brand, credibility, and the psychological mindset and sustainable confidence required to guarantee that promoted or soon-to-be-promoted leaders not only survive but thrive.

Typical Client Results from Predictable Promotion® Success Pillars:

  • Create a Powerful Leadership Brand Exuded Inside and Outside One’s Organization
  • Master the Mindset of a Resilient, Innovative Leader
  • Exude Confidence, Gravitas, and Poise in the Face of Unexpected Business Challenges
  • Communicate Effectively and Persuasively to Diverse Audiences
  • Built Trust, Rapport, and Credibility with Key Stakeholders, Clients, and Colleagues
  • Develop and Exemplify Genuine Executive Leadership Presence as a Respected Role Model
  • Motivate Others through Inspiring, Strategic Vision
  • Ensure Improved Employee Engagement Quantifiable through Top and Bottom-line Outcomes
  • Enhance Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills for Confident, Insightful Leadership
  • Optimize Personal Potential to Maximize Value for the Talent Pipeline and Organization

How the Predictable Promotion® is Implemented

We work with our clients in a variety of ways through corporate consulting, executive coaching, professional development programs, and our public speaking series.

Corporate Clients

Executive Coaching:

We work with senior management and top talent executives to develop the succession pipeline and make sure that career promotion candidates are fully prepared, positioned, and trained for higher level leadership responsibility and accountability. Upon completion of coaching they are ready to hit the ground running.

Corporate Consulting:

We review your organization’s leadership competencies and assess them against an overlay of our core Predictable Promotion® competencies. In that way we diagnose any specific leadership gaps that represent opportunities to fine-tune your organizational talent pipeline. That also reveals where to most effectively boost the equity of human capital while retaining top talent and accelerating their careers. We also help evaluate your talent triage through an objective perspective with a wealth of knowledge and insight. In that way, you can more readily determine which high performers will make it to the next level with minimal leadership development. The second tier is identifying leaders who will possess those leadership capabilities if they receive targeted development. Thirdly, we help identify ineffective leaders detrimental to performance and productivity.

Company Leadership Professional Development:

We provide high impact programs for leaders and high potentials, and these seminars focus on practical, critical business challenges faced by those promoted to higher levels. The program covers leadership mindset and vision; inclusive leadership style; influential and inspirational executive communication; building of powerfully sustainable rapport; and effective team design for greater innovation and collaboration. Sarah Hathorn is also available as a guest speaker within your own professional development programs, and provides that service for many Fortune 500s and their leadership.

Keynote Speaker:

Sarah Hathorn is also available for keynote speeches and break-out sessions for large organizations and trade association conferences. She is in high demand as an inspiring, engaging, energetic and thought-provoking presenter. Audiences come away from her events with actionable solutions and new tools and resources for overcoming their challenges while discovering otherwise unseen opportunities of value to themselves and those they lead. An active member of the National Speakers Association, Sarah constantly travels and speaks throughout the world…and has captivated audiences across the United States as well as in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Mexico.

Private Executive Coaching Clients

We are also available to consult with private clients who are already successful in their careers, but want to become more dynamic and capable leaders. The Predictable Promotion™ provides a roadmap towards mastery of the executive leadership skills and professional presence needed to advance in record time. We’ve enjoyed extraordinary success developing high-performing leaders in a wide variety of industries across more than 37 countries.