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Say yes to bold leadership, dynamic teams, and Successful Corporate DNA™

Cultivate corporate and leadership DNA to optimize sustained, scalable success − for influential impact, competitive results, fast-track promotions, and increased revenues. Sarah’s expertly tailored, high-energy sessions engage participants with laser focus and incomparable value. They can immediately deploy what they learn for measurably improved outcomes. Workshops, from half-day to multi-day programs can be hosted at meetings, conferences, company events, or facilitated virtually – and are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Sarah’s Workshops Can Be Tailored for Supervisors, Managers, or Directors

Discover and Unleash Leadership DNA

To remain relevant, your leadership brand must showcase your value-add and convey your leadership DNA. Identify your unique gifts, life experiences, core values, and accomplishments. Articulate them so they resonate in a memorable, credible, inspiring way.  Then leverage your leadership brand’s DNA in every interaction to sell your value upward. 

Transition from Employee to Manager

Becoming a manager or supervisor for the first time can be awkward to navigate, and there are hidden pitfalls. Ensure your success and career acceleration by harnessing leadership DNA for high-performance results. Develop collaborative relationships, motivate and inspire teams, and utilize best practices that foster mutual employee/manager respect.

Move from Conflict to Cooperation

Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills are vital, whether you’re in a high-stakes meeting or are engaged in a difficult, sensitive conversation with a colleague, employee, or client. Identify triggers; know how to diffuse them; and respond thoughtfully and strategically to transform conflict into mutually beneficial cooperation.

Expand Your Emotional Intelligence

Leaders need tools, techniques, and insights to access and develop high-level Emotional Intelligence. Know how to adapt your mindset in the moment to respond to any situation effectively. Learn about the Emotional Intelligence Model and the different kinds of circumstances where you can apply it as a solution-oriented and innovative approach.

Mastering Coaching Skills for Leaders

Discover what it means to be an impactful coach of winning teams. Encourage, develop, support, and inspire your team members with coaching expertise that will bring out everyone’s full potential – including yours.  Learn proven techniques, best practices, and the keys to mastering the skills of empowering coaching. Then deploy them for dramatic and measurable results.

Develop an Adaptable, Resilient Mindset

Growth requires change and involves uncertainty. That’s a challenge for organizations and leaders. Learn ways to remain steady, confident, and resilient – even in the face of major transformations. Learn the stages of change, how to effectively manage them, and how to build a resilient attitude into every team.

Leading Teams Remotely: Best Practices and Success Factors  

Working remotely went mainstream without equipping leaders and teams with a remote work handbook. Discover the keys to ensuring productivity, focus, engagement, and a strong and healthy sense of connectivity when working remotely.

Workshops & Facilitation

Advanced Workshops are Designed for Directors, Managers, VPs, SVPs, and Senior Executives

Master Confident, Charismatic Executive Presence

Studies identified Executive Presence (EP) as the number one quality for next-level leadership career acceleration. Learn the essential, foundational element of EP. Discover how to master your own EP mindset and communications to command a room, deliver high-impact presentations, inspire buy-in, and exude consistent charismatic confidence.

Predictable Promotions® in Record Time

Most leaders fail within a year of their promotions. Learn Sarah’s trademarked system that readies you for a Predictable Promotion® in record time and thriving success in your new role. Master the leadership mindset; exude gravitas; design collaborative, innovative teams; and become an expert at developing and maximizing talent. Develop high-level communication skills, executive presence, resilience, gravitas, and grace under pressure.  Accelerate your career and enjoy the rewards you deserve.

The Art and Science of Powerfully Engaging Presentations

As the face of the organization, leaders must be confident speakers with an audience of one or thousands. Learn strategies to prep for high-stakes presentations. Convey, persuade, and inspire in ways that resonate with your audience. Articulate your ideas, structure your delivery and timing, and adapt to each specific audience – including clients, employees, board members, and the media.

Develop Highly Effective Communications Skills

Leaders spend more than 80% of their working hours communicating. Enhance your abilities and skills to influence and inspire others through a more persuasive, powerful language. Become an active listener, manage conflict, address the media, chair meetings more effectively, write with greater impact, and leverage the secret weapon of strategic silence.

Client results from Sarah’s Workshops & Facilitations

Her facilitation and the workshop were fantastic and organized to work with our translator.

“I attended Sarah’s workshop in Tokyo and was so impressed with her delivery that it made me self-reflective on my “unknown self”, I’m sure this didn’t happen only to me but for everybody who attended her session and experienced a number of enlightening moments. Her facilitation and the workshop were fantastic and organized to work with our translator, and she shared valuable-based solutions. I highly recommend Sarah as a workshop facilitator”.

Hitomi K. Ohmori
CEO & Founder
Ohmori Method Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

Several participants indicated that this workshop was among the most impactful segments of the entire development program.

“I engaged Sarah Hathorn to facilitate a 4-hour workshop on Personal Brand and Executive Presence as part of an internal development program for Director-level leaders.  In addition to sharing her expertise, Sarah was willing to modify her approach to our course curriculum.  Her content, however, went beyond what we could have delivered ourselves, as she cited experts and shared personal examples.  She was an effective facilitator with a well-paced workshop design.  Several participants indicated this workshop was among the most impactful segments of the development program.  Overall, Sarah delivered as promised and more than met my expectations.”

Ellen Raynor
Director, Talent Management
McKesson Medical-Surgical

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