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What Others Have To Say About Working With Sarah



She delivered an outstanding results-oriented product

“Sarah Hathorn has worked with our leadership team as the kind of strategic partner who listens and responds to the needs of your organization and to those of the individual. Sarah has an unbelievable talent for supporting and developing senior level executives, as a trusted advisor with unbiased, honest perspective. That gives them the opportunity to identify their key strengths, eliminate weaknesses and blind spots, and achieve higher levels of productivity and performance – for them and the people on their teams. Her partnership as a consultant offers clear guidance – the kind that will continue to deliver a return on investment into the future. Sarah was exactly what we were looking for, and she delivered an outstanding results-oriented product with customized solutions. I would highly recommend Sarah to any individual or company.”

Sloane Evans
VP Human Resources
Georgia Power Company


A Trusted Leadership Development Partner

“Sarah’s coaching has proven invaluable, and has enabled me to better organize and lead my team in my new global role. As a former senior level Fortune 100 executive she brings a deep background wealth of real-world experience to her coaching. She strengthened my confidence and ability to influence others to set specific business strategies and achieve Company initiatives, and became my confidant and trusted partner. Her outside perspective gives me supportive feedback and positive guidance, and I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to advance their leadership capability and career.”

Sr. Vice President – Human Resources
Manufacturing Industry


We’ve seen a significant improvement in how he deliberately communicates!

“As a coach, Sarah helped one of our leadership executives become a more confident leader by helping him fine-tune his communication style. We’ve seen significant improvement in how he deliberately communicates his messages in a more succinct way, reads his audience and alters his style based on the audience. It’s been extremely impressive to see how he delivers presentations to senior level management with influence and impact. I highly recommend Sarah as an executive coach.”

Donny Dean
Vice President Sales – Central Area
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Atlanta, Georgia



He’s ready to step into a higher level of leadership!

“Sarah Hathorn has served as an executive coach for one of our leadership executives. She has helped this executive elevate his executive presence when giving formal presentations to senior management. The communication concepts and strategies she shared with him throughout the process have not only helped him become a more effective communicator but have also made him ready to step into a higher level of leadership.”

Susan Carlson
Area Human Resource Manager
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Atlanta, Georgia



Everyone should tap into Sarah’s expertise if they want to take their career to the next level!

“I had worked with Sarah a several years ago and the Predictable Promotion worked for me. I was promoted shortly after my engagement with Sarah. As my career has transformed over the years, which most do, I had the need for a “career tune-up” and knew that Sarah was the critical resource that I needed to accomplish that.

Once again Sarah came through. With her understanding of my goals and my challenges she was able to work with me on a very specific plan for success. She provided a laser focused agenda to boost my executive presence, visibility, communication and overall confidence in my ability to move ahead once again.

Sarah consistently delivers. She is the real deal and is simply an invaluable resource that everyone should tap into if they are serious about taking themselves and their career to the next level.”

Janet Stone
Director of Customer Service, Cogeco Peer 1
Atlanta, Georgia



Promotion Won through Executive Leadership Communication

“Thanks to Sarah’s support throughout my executive leadership coaching experience, I’m thrilled to announce that I have been promoted from Director to Senior Director!

Sarah especially helped me communicate at a higher level that reinforces my executive presence and leadership value proposition. She gave me techniques and insights to become a more active listener, for example, and to be better attuned to what others are saying so that I can respond to them on a deeper, more collaborative level. Now I am able to really focus with greater empathy and understanding as I process what is being said. That enables me to contribute to each conversation in a more meaningful and valuable way, rather than just speaking without real purpose or intent.

One of the benefits of that new way of communicating is that I express myself succinctly, concisely, and powerfully, which is necessary to do when speaking or giving presentations at the highest levels of leadership. Today I’m more cognizant about how and when to pose the right questions and assert my own ideas, to ensure I convey my thoughts and land my messages with greater credibility and impact. I’ve learned to utilize the most effective language and adapt my speaking or presentation style to each specific audience. That makes me more influential and persuasive amongst my peers as well as when I am communicating upward in the organization to the most senior decision makers.

Working with her has really helped me tap into my own power and compete on an equal level, as a woman in our male-dominated corporate world. I’ve been able to share the insights, tools, and strategies I’ve learned from Sarah with my team, too, to help them also become more confident and dynamic communicators. What I’ve particularly enjoyed while working with Sarah is that she brings so many different perspectives to the coaching. Sarah has tremendous depth and knowledge of working in all kinds of different industries. She has real-world knowledge of what types of challenges other executives face, and she is very resourceful with solutions that she can tailor to meet your unique needs or personal goals.

If you’re looking for an executive coach or consultant – Sarah is very professional, has lots of industry experience, understands how to communicate at a high executive level, and can coach you to do the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and plan to stay in touch with her as she has also been a great mentor!

Diana DeWalt
Director, OIS Optimization & Governance at Travelport
Atlanta, Georgia



Thanks to Sarah Business Improved 100%!

“During the past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah as an executive coach and corporate consultant. Now I am glad to report that as a result of collaborating with her we have a stronger team and have exceeded our sales target by 100% over last year.

I selected Sarah based on her extensive background and expertise as a senior level executive for Macy’s, wanting her to elevate our company brand, build bench strength, implement business systems and training programs, and help me become a more dynamic leader and effective communicator. The management and leadership skills, strategies, and techniques we learned from her will continue to amplify our business results because we are now a more efficient and productive dental practice.

I am an expert dentist, but beyond that Sarah taught me to be introspective, master the soft skills of leadership, and become a dynamic business leader to grow my practice.

I’m grateful for the extreme pleasure of learning from Sarah! If you are looking for a leadership coach I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Behzad Nazari, DDS
Antoine Dental Center
Houston, Texas



“My organization of approximately 140 employees received training from Sarah on communication skills. Unlike many soft skill training courses where the lessons learned are quickly forgotten, we are holding each other accountable on what we learned from this training. The course content provided us a common language to speak from that everyone understands. We use the line “Be Brief, Be Brilliant, Be Gone” almost on a daily basis! I’ve seen the number of emails reduced and people getting out of their offices and cubes to have more meaningful dialogue. Our organization will be experiencing a lot of change this year, and communication will be vital to our success!”

Becky Gergory
Executive of large energy company


Clients come away with actionable change and remarkable new confidence levels

“Having coached Presidents, CEO’s, and leading entrepreneurs from around the country – along with a distinguished list of Fortune 500 companies – I can say with full confidence that anytime I need a client to grow their personal leadership and executive presence I point them directly to Sarah. She simply is the best at what she does. Clients come away with actionable change and remarkable new confidence levels that leads to the higher performance and results!”

Steve Gutzler
President of Leadership Quest



Dream Job in a Matter of Months

“My dream has been to move from my role as Director to that of Vice President, and through my company I had the great privilege to collaborate with my executive coach, Sarah Hathorn. I understood the challenges that I faced around my executive presence, and knew that I would be carefully scrutinized and under the spotlight at a higher level. So I wanted to partner with Sarah to prepare myself and be ready to step up my leadership and hit the ground running when the opportunity presented itself.

Sarah and I began by setting clearly defined goals, and through private coaching sessions and an intensive “Live Day” I learned to be more strategic and flexible. I began to alter my communication style based on my audience and to articulate my message with greater clarity and persuasion when communicating with senior level executives and clients.

It was through Sarah’s support and guidance that I learned exactly what I needed to do to immediately. She taught me how to develop high level executive vision and presence. While still in the position of Director, I was already communicating with influential impact – just as a VP does.

After several months of commitment, heavy lifting, and putting all of her principles into practice I achieved my Predictable Promotion, attaining the coveted position of Vice President. My dream had become a reality, which I am now living every day.

If you want to be a more effective communicator, increase your internal/external visibility and credibility, and enhance your executive presence from A-Z to rapidly ascend to the next level, Sarah is your secret weapon.”

Justin Payne
VP of Operations & Client Services
VXI Solutions



I wish I had invested in this level of professional development much earlier in my career

“Sarah’s 1-yr platinum program was exactly what I needed.  I only wish I had invested in this level of professional development much earlier in my career.  My work with Sarah has enabled a number of significant successes in my career and personal life, which has led to a new level of internal confidence.  This has been critical to becoming a recognized figure in my technical community as well as success in media interactions.  In addition, my scholarly output and consulting activities has dramatically increased.  The beauty of the Illustra program is that it engages you where you are and gives you the tools and plan to reach your goals.”

Dr. Mitchell L.R. Walker
Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology & Corporate Consultant


Sarah helped me to amplify my personal brand packaging for greater success! 

I worked with Sarah as part of the Concord Medical Team’s mission to help our office amplify our professional image to help us achieve our business goals of 5X over the next year.

I sought out her expertise to provide constructive feedback on how to help me look my absolute best and discover my personal brand to ultimately enhance the brand of the office. I am now confident that I exude a professional presence that communicates the right messages that correspond with how I want others to perceive me as the expert in my industry.

Sarah shared how-to’s to help me upgrade my professional wardrobe and explained the art of why it’s important to show up ‘looking the part’. She helped me gain real clarity and focus around the leader I wanted to become and then shared her expertise to help me create that professional look. Since my con-sulting work with Sarah began I’ve continued to transform my overall image and I love the results. It all started with taking the first step with Sarah.

Enhancing my professional image was critical in achieving my goals as a top-notch leader. Today I dress to blend my authentic style, position to package my personal brand to influence clients and I feel great. If you want expert status and you’re wondering how to change other’s perceptions of your professional im-age, Sarah Hathorn will definitely educate, and inspire you to step up your overall personal brand. She helped me look the part and was a positive brand ambassador for our chiropractic office. Sarah is my se-cret weapon! If you’re a high level leader or executive, I highly recommend her to help you amplify your personal brand packaging for greater success in your line of business.”

Richard Jaskewich, PA-C
Concord Medical Spine & Pain Center



“Last year when I began working with Sarah Hathorn, I had only been in my company and industry for just over 2 years.  I was new among a tenured and experienced peer and leadership team and I experienced a lack of confidence and ability to clearly brand myself and my organizational responsibilities.

Sarah was able to quickly develop a program for my success to address these challenges and get my career on the fast track.  I was able to gain clarity on my career direction, develop a strong brand and organizational direction as well as hone my soft skills to building long-term partnerships both internally and externally.

With laser focus, Sarah coached me to build a strong, impactful personal communication style, which turned out to be extremely effective.  This empowered me to adapt my style with influence up, down and across the company.  It also had an enormous impact with my capabilities in communicating with the senior leadership team.

As I progressed through Sarah’s coaching program, my confidence greatly increased.  I gained clarity on my leadership brand, my legacy, and I was able to then understand and communicate the value I brought to the organization.

Just several months into our coaching program, I was able to see tangible results.  My company was purchased and was undergoing a merger.  I was selected as a leader on the merger transition team.  This further elevated my visibility throughout the merger and continues today.

When I began my coaching relationship with Sarah I led a team of 50 employees.  With my increased level of visibility and recognition with our senior leadership team, I was progressively given more responsibility and compensation.  Just eight months later, I now lead an organization of 250 employees located in several countries. Within a year of working with Sarah, I was promoted from Director level to Vice-President level and I am now enjoying my predictable promotion and a more lucrative compensation package.

I would not have been able to experience this radical career advancement in such a short amount of time without Sarah’s coaching and direction.  Sarah’s program, which she tailored to my specific needs, afforded me the greater confidence, focus and expertise to increase my dynamic leadership skills and clarity on my career aspirations.

Sarah Hathorn is a ‘must have’ for everyone’s career tool kit and for anyone looking to develop or hone their leadership, branding, image or communications competencies.

If you are serious about achieving a wildly successful career, Sarah Hathorn is serious about getting you there.”

Janet Stone
Director of Client Services
First Advantage



“I hired Sarah Hathorn as my executive coach at a time when I was feeling stuck but was ready to take my HR career to a higher level.

Although I had to commit to the process and do the hard work, Sarah coached, consulted, advised, guided, and supported me every step of the way. Sure enough, my predictable promotion came true – and I was offered a position at the next level within just four months of enrolling in Sarah’s “Gold Plus” program.

Now I’m in a fantastic place and Sarah’s coaching made all the difference. My mindset is so positive that I seek out empowering challenges. I am confident in my ability to communicate with impact and influence, and to prepare my delivery in strategic ways that will persuade and convince executive decision makers. I’m using the innovative techniques that Sarah shared with me to advise senior leaders, and I know exactly how and when to adapt my communication style to be effective in each particular situation.

Not only did Sarah gave me the tools and the mindset to win a valuable promotion but she has also showed me how to continue elevating my career into the future for even greater success. Thank you, Sarah!”

April Breeden, SPHR
Senior HR Business Partner



“As a Director I worked with Sarah to up-level my professional presence. She shared with me a variety of ways to leverage my personal brand and attributes to communicate with impact, poise and confidence. As a result of working with Sarah I have increased my professional presence and visibility among senior leaders, and understand how to create a visual impact that best represents my position and my personal brand. It was amazing to see how the little things resulted in a big difference using Sarah’s easy step-by-step methods. As a result of this journey I now feel more confident in my overall presence. I highly recommend working with Sarah to create an authentic presence that communicates professionalism, expertise and with impact.”

Sandy Allred
Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness



“As a platinum client I have been working with Sarah over the past year. She is extremely talented. I wish every woman could experience her knowledge because being confident in your presence is a true gift every woman should receive and Sarah helps change female top leaders’ lives. I have loved working with Sarah over this past year and have had great success with her on my journey. If you are looking for a high-level professional coach who provides great value for the investment for your personal and professional growth, a partner who believes in you and makes you think BIG every step of the journey.”

Jo Kirchner
CEO & President
Primrose Schools



“Sarah Hathorn made me feel six inches taller thanks to a new sense of self confidence after our 1-Day VIP Intensive Session. She listened to my challenges, designed a customized program for me, and gave me a detailed action plan and numerous tips so I could continue to work on professional development on my own. Now I communicate with impact and leverage my three V’s – visible, vocal and valuable – for greater success. I own a strong, confident, and commanding presence that makes all the difference in my career. It was definitely worth my investment.”

Jennie Helderman



My experience with Sarah Hathorn’s Private Platinum Coaching Program was definitely worth the time and investment. Sarah provided me with immediate access and was a very positive force in moving me forward to realize my ultimate potential with higher industry visibility.

But before working with Sarah I felt stuck. I was working hard without getting noticed, and it seemed that everyone else’s ideas were being regarded as better than mind.

During an entire VIP Day we mapped out my 5-year strategy and set annual, monthly, and quarterly goals to keep me on track. The entire time was devoted to working on exactly what I needed to do. It was very intensive, but extremely thought-provoking. Now I’ve increased my visibility online and offline and I get out there and express myself with a crystal clear career vision. Working with Sarah enhanced my self-awareness, helped me define my personal brand and leadership legacy, taught me to believe in my vision, and helped me achieve a healthier work/life balance.

Sarah’s positive coaching methodology stretched me to think bigger about the possibilities while overcoming the kinds of self-limiting belief systems that hold many leaders back. She challenged and supported me so that I could feel the confidence and trust in yourself that comes from breaking out of the comfort zone to realize your full potential. Each week Sarah would come to me with focus, energy, and inspiration and shed light on new possibilities and different angles and solutions. She illuminated my blind spots to help me break out of my old mindset habits. I started implementing specific strategies and techniques to strengthen my weaknesses and stop letting myself be influenced in negative ways by others.

I have definitely stepped into my power and would have never done this on my own. Looking forward I know that instead of just working hard and treading water I have a dynamic plan and an insightful strategy. I can design and define my own career destiny, and that is a life-changing feeling, both personally and professionally.

John Bonanno
Vice President
Crescent Resources LLC



“Spending a 1-Day Intensive session with Sarah was absolutely incredible. During several hours of creative brainstorming together she gave me all the image and branding tools that I needed to substantially increase my practice.

Among other things, Sarah did a valuable critique of my marketing, including my website and use of social media, and her perceptions and feedback were right-on. Then she laid out clear steps for me to take to get better results in those areas, while teaching me about the right kinds of branding tools I could use to start seeing a real impact in both my online and offline presence.

Sarah’s strong corporate background and experience with managing hundreds of people in a high profile organization was another huge bonus for me in terms of learning how to develop more cooperative and productive teams. She also showed me some really interesting ways to find and train the best people so I can build my human capital for long-term sustainability.

I highly recommend Sarah and her 1-Day sessions to anyone who wants to get amazing advice on their brand or professional presence, or who wants to know what it’s like to experience very high level coaching and business consulting.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your experience and expertise and helping me grow my business.

Dr. Jesse Chai
Bradford Dental
Ontario Canada



“As a dentist and business owner, I have three top priorities right now that Sarah Hathorn’s consulting helped me clarify and focus on with fresh new strategies. I want to paint a vision of how I want my practice to develop and where I want it to go. I want to inspire my team to help meet benchmarks that will make that happen, and I want to create a positive workplace culture and a supportive environment that builds morale and brings out everyone’s best performance. To ensure that I have the most productive team and people who share and reflect my vision, I have to recruit, hire, develop, and retain top talent.

Those may be tall orders, but I know that if I can accomplish those three primary objectives I will be on my way to swiftly increasing my business and revenues. During our 1-Day Intensive VIP session we strategized everything from my fan page and social media marketing to ways to communicate my brand and image through the appearance, behavior, and communication skills of my staff. Sarah showed me how to plan ahead for the growing pains that come from running a larger practice, and how to take proactive steps to make sure than it keeps growing in a profitable way.”

Dr. Michael Barnett
Stoney Brook Dental Care
Louisville, Kentucky

Sarah delivered a dynamic and interactive session on elevating your personal brand. This session was customized for our organization to enhance the client experience and improve branch performance results. Sarah doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; she tells you what you need to hear. As a global leadership consultant, Sarah shared real life stories drawn from her vast business experience working as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 firm. Her message was relevant and inspired our leadership team to take action. I don’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to any organization that is embracing change and needs to elevate their brand in the marketplace to achieve bottom-line results.” 

Amy Greiner
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

“Sarah is an expert in influence. She uses a bold and interactive approach to engage individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, inspiring them to leverage personal value in key interactions in pursuit of business outcomes. The session was very valuable to the participants and Sarah left them excited to explore the topics of personal brand and influence further. Many responded that they wanted a longer session to gain even more insight. Sarah’s session would be time well spent by your leadership team members.”

Morgan Todd-Ledford
VP, Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness
McKesson Medical-Surgical

A Rock Star of Leadership DNA Development
“Sarah Hathorn is a world-class leadership development coach, an expert on organizational DNA, and a profoundly impressive public speaker. She delivered a 2-day presentation on dynamic speaking skills, to help our leaders dramatically enhance their executive presence. Her style was highly interactive and engaging, and included hands-on practice with immediate feedback and guided support. Sarah delivered innovative, impactful concepts in an entertaining, energetic way that everyone enjoyed with rapt attention. Not surprisingly, she received rave reviews.

I have observed how she captures the focus and imagination of her audiences and moves them to confident action. Plus, she has a lifetime of incredible business experience as a senior level Fortune 100 executive and super-successful corporate consultant. That enables Sarah to able to weave-in authentic, pertinent examples from her work in the trenches of corporate America, in an inspiring, empathic, and enlightening way.

If you want to raise your leadership capabilities and maximize your talent, I definitely recommend Sarah. She can measurably improve leadership branding, mindset mastery, performance, and productivity. Leaders leave her sessions with a memorable positive impression…and the motivation to put what they learn into practice right away.”

Brandi Harcourt Lee
Organizational Development
National Oilwell Varco

“I engaged Sarah Hathorn to facilitate a 4-hour workshop on Personal Brand and Executive Presence as part of an internal development program for Director-level leaders. In addition to sharing her expertise, Sarah was willing to modify her approach to align her content with a model of personal brand that we have used previously. Her content, however, went beyond what we could have delivered ourselves, as she cited experts and shared personal examples. Sarah interviewed several participants prior to the workshop to customize the focus, and provided pre-work that stimulated participant engagement. She was an effective facilitator with a well-paced workshop design. Several participants indicated that this workshop was among the most impactful segments of the entire development program. Overall, Sarah delivered as promised and more than met my expectations.”

Ellen Raynor
Director, Talent Management
McKesson Medical-Surgical

“Sarah Hathorn’s presentation on “Soar above Your Inner Critic” was polished and engaging. Sarah used real life examples relating to the retail industry allowing the audience to easily draw on experiences and apply resolution.

Sarah discussed learning to silence the voice in your head – “the evil twin within” the voice that tells you that you are not capable or competent to compete and/or win. Sarah provided examples and guidance around replacing your inner voice with a positive mindset to meet any challenge with grace and balance. Sarah spent time teaching the audience how to “retrain your brain” – overcoming self-doubt and working towards a more positive executive presence.   Sarah’s energizing personality and expertise on leadership and professionalism kept the audience informed and wanting more.

Sarah Hathorn was a delight to work with, she was easy to relate to for the entire presentation, providing examples, ideas of solution and how to ensure sustainable results – Sarah comes highly recommended.”

Casey Morales
Regional Director of Merchandising Execution
Western Division – Pac Central
The Home Depot

“On January 8 2014, Sarah Hathorn, presented to the ICF Georgia Chapter of Coaches her talk “Lead by Design.”

In her presentation, Sarah not only educated her audience about the value of branding but her charismatic personality invited attendees to think outside the box and implement new leadership strategies. Several principles shared were relevant to the coaching audience.

Sarah is a credible speaker with applicable content who offered practical suggestions on building a profitable coaching business. She offered stimulating information about media and industry trends.

I recommend Sarah to any organization or company who is looking for a gifted presenter whose sharp intellect keeps the audience on its toes and her good sense of humor entertained.”

Kim Schofield
Program Director
International Coach Federation

Sarah Hathorn did a wonderful job as Keynote speaker at the 2013 NAPW Georgia Networking EXPO conference, speaking with great insight, humor and passion.  Sarah expertly applied her complex knowledge gleaned during 25 years as an executive in the corporate business world for a well-known national brand to capture our audience.  She shared that information with an audience that that was greatly impacted and moved to action by her message: women who are aspiring to be great, or even greater in their professional lives.  Sarah’s presence on the stage was captivating from beginning to end, and the informative giveaways endless. Thank you Sarah!”

Louise Newsome
National Director of Chapters
National Association of Professional Women

“Thank you for your presentation during the Scheduling Institute in Atlanta, GA. You provided us with a new prospective in how our patients view us. Based on your presentation and the display of scrubs we have now made it mandatory that all Chiropractic Assistants wear the same scrubs with their names and title embroidered on them. We bought the scrubs you had on display but in a different color. The clinic pays for the first two and any additional the CA will have to purchase on their own.

I truly believe this will increase the level of professionalism in our clinic and in the community.”

Caprice Simmons, PHR
Excellence In Health
Anchorage, AK

“Sarah Hathorn was a wonderful addition to our lineup of speakers during our two day Summer Leadership Program for college accounting majors. Sarah gave the students a dynamic introduction to the world of business and social media etiquette in order to help them feel prepared to enter into the corporate world. With her enthusiastic approach and interactive style, the young men and women were able to take away valuable information as they begin their journey towards becoming successful and confident professionals. We look forward to having Sarah join us at future recruiting and internal corporate events.”

Jodi Solarana
Grant Thornton, LLP
Miami, FL

“Brilliant, Successful Executive Women, Engaging, Practical Takeaways…give insight into what our audiences had to say about the presentation by Sarah Hathorn. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah to plan a presentation for a large audience of women that represented technology professionals starting in their career to experienced executive leaders. Sarah spoke on “The Art of Self Promotion to Lead by Design” sharing her secrets to a building a powerful, career enhancing leadership brand. Her presentation gave every individual memorable takeaways to proactively build the brand you want. I can’t wait to work with Sarah again because she was a dynamic speaker, organized, very personable, and responsive to our needs. The Women In Technology organization is forever grateful for the investment of her time and sharing with our audiences. I highly recommend her for any group looking to educate on accelerating your career with an expert certified by the National Speaker Association with strong platform skills.”

Danielle Joiner McPherson
Program Director
Women In Technology
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah Hathorn presented a program called Fast Track Your Career in 2013 for ATD Atlanta’s Professional Development to share her expertise on executive coaching and career development. She helped focus our group of learning and training professionals, who usually concentrate on developing and growing others, to realize how to position and market our brand to be taken seriously and credibly by executives, colleagues, team members, and peers. She also talked about ways to overcome issues that can hamper success in meeting these challenges.

Her program was full of useful tips for realizing the value you bring to your work, while honing your abilities to frame accomplishments to showcase them and prepare for golden opportunities.

Sarah’s presentation was polished yet still extremely accessible, relatable, and interesting to our audience. I highly recommend her if you are looking to develop your leadership potential, move past excuses and roadblocks, and be coached by one of the best – a positive and effective professional!”

Karen Sieczka
Director of Professional Development
ATD Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah presented to our consulting practice team at a corporate meeting in October 2012. Our consulting practice provides consultative services in health care strategy and operations for health systems, hospitals, post-acute providers, and senior living providers in all 50 states. We were looking for a leadership development speaker and Sarah fit the bill tremendously. Sarah described how each employee has a personal brand and how the personal brand can contribute to the overall company brand. Sarah also incorporated how our company values of Hospitality, Stewardship, Integrity, Respect and Humor play an important role in developing the personal and corporate brand.</i>

I would highly recommend Sarah Hathorn. She was articulate and engaging as a speaker, and very well received by our team. Additionally, Sarah was a pleasure to work with as she developed the specifics of our presentation. She listened intently to the unique needs of our consulting practice and built specific, customized messages to meet our needs. Moreover, she was prompt, decisive and personable throughout the engagement. Sarah was so well received, we anticipate engaging Sarah for some follow-up sessions with other leaders throughout our company.”

Leah Lindgren, MHA
Senior Consultant
Health Dimensions Group
Minneapolis, MN

“We were so excited to have Sarah come and talk to our team! We recommend Sarah to all of our clients because of her professionalism and encouraging spirit. She has so much experience in perfecting and improving front stage appearance that has REALLY helped our team put our best foot forward. We know that first impressions are HUGE with our clients. As a result, our team now takes pride in how they dress and present themselves as well as how they present information to our clients for maximized retention of information. Sarah gave us to the tools to be INTENTIONAL in these things that make a BIG difference in our authority with our clients! We have talked about having her come back several times a year to refresh our team on these important principles. You think your team knows it, but they definitely don’t!! Thank you Sarah!”

Kerri McDaniel
Training Manager
Scheduling Institute
Atlanta, GA

“Working with Hathorn Consulting has given our people the knowledge and expertise to portray a professional image that clearly communicates our corporate brand. Since Sarah has begun her coaching and workshops, we have seen a significant improvement in our employees’ professional presence. The training is educational, inspiring and empowering!”

Larry Evans, CPA
Managing Member
Dixon Hughes Goodman
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah Hathorn, CEO of Hathorn Consulting, gave a workshop at Home Depot for our Women’s Affinity group. I was impressed with how she engaged the audience in delivering the material and I found her to be very relevant and focused on business messaging through your professional image. She gave quite a few great examples (from photos and brave audience participants) to make her points. It was evident that she had done her research on our organization in advance and her homework paid off. Bottom line – if you are looking for an event – I would highly recommend Sarah.”

Susan O’Farrell
VP Procurement & Asset Management
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah Hathorn designed two international webinars for Teradata, covering how to elevate your professional presence, and corporate branding in your overall image to include appearance, behavior and communication skills. Sarah’s style and delivery was excellent. She made the presentation interactive and provided valuable content. The participants loved the question and answer time to solicit specific branding input from Sarah, which demonstrated her expertise. She created a webinar that was not only information-oriented, but the polling questions kept the audience engaged. I definitely recommend Sarah to international organizations who wish to offer professional development courses on image and brand management.”

Susan Baxley
Director of Community Relations
Teradata Corporation
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah possesses a wealth of knowledge on executive presence topics and was able to assist us in our corporate rebranding strategy. She delivered a powerful message on visual impact, networking and non-verbal communications skills in an engaging manner. Our international sales force left the seminar inspired and ready to practice her visual and non-verbal techniques to build credibility. As a result of Sarah’s workshop we have noticed our team stepping up their professional image and improved client relationships. I highly recommend Sarah and hope to have her return again soon to assist us in strengthening our corporate brand presence.”

Brian Wholley
VP, Global Sales
Genesis Biosciences
Atlanta, GA

“I was thrilled. All of the responses were great – they loved Sarah and the presentation. She did a great job of catering to the audience and making the material relevant to everyone across all levels of the organization. They especially liked the powerful take-home tool, and the training (Women’s Leadership Network Presentation: Lead by Design: Creating Your Authentic Leadership Brand) is useful for all areas of our organization. The content also translates well to women’s leadership divisions, and we definitely want to use Sarah again.”

Linda Bergman
Regional RE Manager
McDonald’s Corporation
Atlanta, GA

“I have seen many people either be passed over or lose a job simply because of their image. The sad part is that no one ever tells these people that their image is the problem. Sarah Hathorn has a unique ability to address this sensitive issue by providing image consulting in such a positive and constructive manner that it has an immediate affect on people’s lives. Image is important no matter who you are. I highly recommend individuals and companies utilize her expertise.”

Kevin Scherm
On-Site Solutions Director – Weatherford
National Oilwell Varco
Houston, TX

“Sarah’s presentation was wonderful! After the meeting, one of the participants said ‘Sarah’s presentation was just what I needed to be at my professional best next week when I present a proposal to our management team.’ Her talk was inspiring, educational, and enlightening!”

Dave O’Farrell
SHRM South Atlanta GEM Chapter
Atlanta, GA

“Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to share highly valuable content in your “Strategies to Strut Your Stuff to Success” presentation for the Gwinnett Leadership Organization for Women. The feedback from the women was fabulous! Everyone loved the interaction, the presentation and you. You are a very talented facilitator and know how to engage the participants for deeper learning. Thanks for inspiring us all!”

Rachel Jeffers
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
Duluth, GA

“Thank you for the presentation to the Bain &amp; Company Women’s Group. Your presentation sparked conversation about how to assess and realize our own personal and corporate brand messages. You helped to make our event successful!”


Sunshine Yin
Bain & Company
Atlanta, GA

“I’ve seen the return on investment 10 times over in the first 6 months!”

Dr. Mitchell L. R. Walker
Associate Professer, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology


“It was custom tailored and I can really leverage today into a lot more when I get back to the office.”

Dr. Lance Panarello
Dental Health Care Associates
Aston, PA


“Sarah pointed out some things to me that were very eye opening. I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation.”

Dr. Randy Hiers
Eastern Shore Smile Solutions
Easton, MD


“After today, I realize there’s a lot more I could be doing with my team.”

Dr. Rick Harvey
Summit Family Denistry
Littleton, CO


“Invest in yourself….it’s worth it!”

Dr. Shayne Fixari
Fixari Family Dental
Columbus, OH


“When I came here today, 5x seemed to be outside of my vision. And after a day with Sarah, I’m committed to 5x and I can see it happening”

Dr. Robert Colpitts
Sierra Crest Dental
Truckee, CA


“To my surprise is more than just image….Sarah helped me learn about communication styles that I have difficulty with and pointers on how to more effectively deal with my staff……it was transformational!”

Dr. Richard Dowling
Brandon Family Dental
Brandon, OR


“I got so much out of the day. Just having lunch was worth the whole trip down. I highly recommend you come down and spend the day with Sarah”

Dr. Cliff Brown
Babylon Dental Care
West Babylon, NY


“The main take-aways I got from today were really the way I communicate with my staff, brand management – understanding that everything matters. And the most of all, playing a big game.”

Dr. Justin Ahoyt
Ahoyt Family Dental
Plainfield, IL


“Sarah really helped me define what I want our brand to be and what that means across the different facets of how I look, how the staff looks, what the office looks like and even to the website.”

Dr. Kevin Lilly
Lilly Family Dentistry
Sioux City, IA


“It was an intense day, but for me it was a blast! It was thought provoking. Much more than just clothes, it was the entire brand. From the website, to Twitter and Facebook to what you wear and what you want your message to be”

Dr. Patti Bradley
Lake Oconee Dentistry
Greensboro, GA


“The great insights you have given us from your years of experience in corporate America….that’s invaluable!”

Dr. Tom Watkins
W Dental Group
San Antonio, TX


Dr. Steven London
Steven London, DDS
Boca Raton, FL


Dr. Joel Nathanson
Nathanson Dental
Hunt Valley, MD


“One of the best things I got out of today was how to deal with my team better”

Dr. Dan Beninato
Premier Dental
Omaha, NE


Dr. William Caldon
High Peaks Dental
Plattsburgh, NY


Dr. Peter Norris
All Smiles Dental
Lake Jackson, TX


Dr. Rebecca Bye
The Bye Center for Implants & Periodontics
Hagerstown, MD


Dr. Michael Sullivan
Beacon Dental Center
Charlevoix, MI