Sarah provides an array of services for the C-Suite, top level executives & managers and organizations. These include Executive Coaching, Trusted Advisor, Corporate Consulting and Speaking. And all of these services are customized to the individual or organization for maximum opportunity of success.

Executive Coaching

We work with leaders and top talent, leveraging Sarah’s intensive coaching programs custom-designed to your organizational goals and needs. She doesn’t coach like a conventional vendor but as a strategic partner invested in your organizational success. Her goal is the same as yours – to ensure that executives and other top talent acquire and exemplify the performance skills, psychological mindset, and enhanced leadership capabilities that represent your organization and guarantee competitive success, productivity, and profitability.

Corporate Consulting

We help leaders, teams, and corporate organizations improve competitive productivity and sustained profitability by providing an objective view into your business and tailor-made solutions. Our approach is different from traditional consultants who bring preconceived responses or off-the-shelf products to address those challenges. We recognize that organizational success is a continual process. People, and how they interact and collaborate, are also constantly evolving – as are their roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to align all of those moving organizational and human components to achieve maximum results both now and in the future. That’s why we partner with you to identify not just the external symptoms of your challenges, but also the root causes. Based on that uniquely focused diagnosis we recommend solutions and then help you make them happen for measurably improved results.

Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Executive Advisory Program is for your company CEO’s, Presidents, SVP’s and functional leaders who can benefit from an objective confidante and trustworthy expert partner. Sarah helps them navigate the challenges they face in their uniquely essential roles with personalized support and strategic insight. The goal is to accelerate overall company performance and ensure that your leaders/high potentials are a more integral and capable asset to their teams and to your entire organization. As a trusted advisor Sarah provides an unbiased and highly experienced outside perspective, innovative ideas, and confidence-building support – while also ensuring full accountability for greater success.


Sarah is founder and innovator behind the proprietary Creating Successful Corporate DNA™ approach, and is available to deliver dynamic and memorable keynotes, conference break-out sessions, and professional development workshops around a variety of topics. An active member of the National Speakers Association, she speaks globally at Fortune 500 Leadership Academies, industry conferences, corporate events, and has delivered keynotes to audiences as large as 4,000.

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