Case Studies

Case Study 12

Greater Confidence, Bigger Results, and More Value to Her Brand and Organization

One of the largest consulting companies in the world reached out to Hathorn Group for help strengthening the executive presence of one of their partners. They wanted her to gain more confidence, discover and solidify her unique brand, and explore and determine her next big role.

Case Study 11

Becoming Presidential – Not Just in Title but Also in Substance

Rebecca worked in a male-dominated industry and earned a great promotion to President. But soon after her executive appointment she was delicately informed that her overall presence did not communicate a distinctly presidential demeanor.

Case Study 10

CEO Leadership, Company Growth, and Life/Work Balance

She contacted me for help in projecting a greater sense of leadership influence and executive presence when dealing with the media or delivering keynote speeches at large conferences. Susan also wanted to cultivate a stronger and more resonant personal brand.

Case Study 9

Ensuring Accelerated Leadership Success by Developing Others

All of his team members appreciated that he was willing to roll up his sleeves and get down in the trenches with them to get the job done. But he had not yet created a high performance team environment, and had not proven himself capable of developing talent by supporting the success of others.

Case Study 8

Expanding Value beyond Limitations for the Big Promotion

Debbie was on the high potential list and was being considered for promotion to Partner within a large, prestigious organization. But she had stiff competition from several other top candidates who were also short-listed for that lucrative position.

Case Study 7

Moving from Irrelevant to Irreplaceable

Despite his talent and accomplishments, Bob had trouble promoting himself to senior decision makers. After he started to feel as though he was being pushed aside in his career he contacted me about private coaching sessions.

Case Study 6

From Executive Indecision to Nearly 200% Sales Growth

Despite a talent for forging great relationships with team members, clients, and key partners within his industry, William struggled to communicate up the organizational ladder within his own company hierarchy.

Case Study 5

Developing C-Suite Caliber Executive Presence

Because Jennifer’s company valued her as one of their highest potential talents, they invested in coaching to help strengthen her soft skills and overall executive presence.

Case Study 4

Empowered Executive Presence & World-Class Communications

A large multi-national company hired me as a coach/consultant to help in assisting one of their key directors. The goal was to work on his executive presence and communication skills – to prepare him for greater advancement and responsibility within the organization.

Case Study 3

100% Sales Growth for Heath Care Provider

A health care provider hired Sarah to help increase there sales and retention rates for existing patients and attract new patients. The business owner also needed help in managing his staff and creating a better work environment.

Case Study 2

Successful Promotion to Spearhead a Global Merger

A leading manufacturing company VP asked Hathorn Consulting Group to enhance his visibility, credibility, and performance in anticipation of a major move into a SVP role.

Case Study 1

Coaching: Preparing a Senior Executive for Promotion

A major utility company requested Hathorn Consulting Group to help a senior executive prepare for much greater responsibility. Their business environment was very challenging…and that was exacerbated by a companywide reorganization.

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