Case Study 4

Empowered Executive Presence & World-Class Communications


A large multi-national company hired me as a coach/consultant to help in assisting one of their key directors. The goal was to work on his executive presence and communication skills – to prepare him for greater advancement and responsibility within the organization. He needed to refine his natural speaking style, learn how to articulate messages with more convincing impact, and tailor his presentations to fit each particular audience. That included addressing his multicultural international team, speaking during informal meetings with senior stakeholders, and making more formal external presentations to clients and industry leaders.


Hathorn Consulting Group partnered with this international client to best identify a targeted approach that would address all of their concerns and produce quantifiable results. We mapped out a plan to help this important director develop a more polished and adaptable speaking style and a signature executive presence.


My client made significant, measurable improvements. He polished his leadership communication skills and now exudes confidence and demonstrates the ability to engage diverse audiences of any size, with persuasive influence. The positive impact of our work together is reflected in the overall elevation of his executive presence as a director, and in enhanced bench strength for his organization.

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