Trusted Advisor

Sarah has worked with CEO’s, Presidents, SVP’s and functional leaders as a confidential, trusted advisor. She helps key executives refine their leadership skills, build stronger bench strength, create high performance teams, and strategically pursue business initiatives. Her results dramatically improve individual and organizational productivity and performance. Many of her clients report that having private access to an unbiased and objective advisor – but one who also views herself as their success partner – is the best developmental resource they’ve ever had. They praise this relationship for giving them the chance to have candid discussions when they need advice and counsel, and attribute Sarah’s services to the immediate and dramatic improvement of their personal and business results.

Typical Results Achieved With The Help of a Trusted Advisor:

  • Improved alignment of executive teams to accelerate performance results
  • Stronger corporate DNA, employee engagement, bench strength, and cohesive success
  • Effective transitional communication and collaboration during organizational change
  • Leaders who are adept and influential communicators both internally and externally
  • Creation of a revitalized and inclusive culture of innovation, replacing information silos
  • Leadership development with leaders exuding well-rounded, multifaceted excellence.

The trusted advisor service is available to any key business strategy support personnel. Contact us today to initiate a trusted advisor relationship with us.

Client results from working with Sarah as a Trusted Advisor

A Trusted Leadership Development Partner

Sarah’s coaching has proven invaluable, and has enabled me to better organize and lead my team in my new global role. As a former senior level Fortune 100 executive she brings a deep background wealth of real-world experience to her coaching. She strengthened my confidence and ability to influence others to set specific business strategies and achieve Company initiatives, and became my confidant and trusted partner. Her outside perspective gives me supportive feedback and positive guidance, and I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to advance their leadership capability and career.”

Global Sr. Vice President – Human Resources
Manufacturing Industry

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