Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Hathorn Consulting Group’s executive coaching programs are designed for senior leaders and high potentials who want to rapidly advance their careers and achieve extraordinary success.

For the past 30 years Sarah has used her vision and insight to get leaders at all levels promoted and ready to hit the ground running with full capability and confidence. Many of her clients and former protégés now occupy the highest positions within Fortune 500 companies. Her client list is a virtual “Who’s Who” of elite companies and top executives.

Sarah takes a global approach, with an individualized application of techniques. She gets to know you organization from a big picture perspective. Then she develops it from the inside, at the granular level where each employee’s skill, aptitude, and performance determines whether your company fails, stagnates, or accelerates ahead with remarkable success.

Her clients hail from organizations all over the world, spanning 37 different countries – so she not only knows your company but she knows the world in which it competes. She served as a senior-level executive leader for a highly profitable Fortune 100 firm. During that award-winning tenure she not only endured and survived multiple challenges – including seven corporate mergers – but her executive team absolutely thrived under her leadership. Sarah leads to win, and with her as your partner you will too.

We offer customized, comprehensive 360 executive leader assessments, personalized and accelerated plans with specific performance benchmarks, and real-time feedback to ensure clarity of focus. In addition to leadership skill development, Sarah is also one of only 13 Certified Image Masters (CIM) in the world. Her CIM specialization is Executive Presence and Leadership Development that is not isolated to the individual but is strategically aligned and integrated into the organizational brand, mission, and competitive business. We don’t just develop leaders. We develop organizations comprised of teams of leaders by making sure that every individual’s potential is maximized for the greater good and success of the company.

Typical Executive Coaching Results:

  • Upon promotion, leaders are already prepared, accountable, and ready
  • Leaders effectively communicate to inspire, influence and motivate
  • Enhanced and organizationally-synched Executive Presence poise and gravitas
  • Fully-developed talent with high loyalty to build organizational bench strength
  • Integral alignment of human resources with the organizational brand and image
  • Boosted productivity, performance, and solution-oriented team collaboration
  • A pervasive positive mindset and success culture with ownership of outcomes
  • Vibrant, productive, strong relationships both internally and externally
  • Positive change agent leaders who thrive even during tumultuous times.

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Dr. Mitchell L. R. Walker
Associate Professor, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

“Sarah helps leaders prepare and position themselves to lead at a higher level with actionable change and remarkable levels of new confidence. Let Sarah grow your personal leadership and executive presence for higher performance and greater results.“

Steve Gutzler
President of Leadership Quest