Case Study 12

Greater Confidence, Bigger Results, and More Value to Her Brand and Organization


One of the largest consulting companies in the world reached out to Hathorn Group for help strengthening the executive presence of one of their partners. They wanted her to gain more confidence, discover and solidify her unique brand, and explore and determine her next big role. She is extremely knowledgeable and one of the most sought-after experts in the industry. But her natural demeanor is quiet and reserved, and she was challenged when needing to project her leadership personality and voice in a more powerful, assertive, and influential way. As talented and experienced as she was, she – like many successful leaders – suffered from Imposter Syndrome and a lack of belief in her capabilities.


First, we did a 360 assessment to determine what we needed to do to identify specific areas to strengthen her leadership DNA. Next, we designed a personalized plan of action to support her development, challenge her growth, and measure the results along the way. We met regularly to illuminate potential pitfalls, teach her useful communication techniques and strategies, and mark her progress. Each step of the way we came up with fresh ways to take action and continue improving and building upon our previous results.


She now displays higher-level communication skills, and leadership gravitas. Her voice is backed by strong self-confidence and a uniquely positioned brand that authentically conveys her background, experience, expertise, and executive talents. She contributes significantly more value to her organization, and is more assertive and influential when presenting her ideas and insights. She achieves more buy-in, respect, and knows how to command a room with poise. That carries over into her work with clients, as evidenced by her increase in sales and how much more business she generates for the organization. Both in her personal and professional live she feels more comfortable, confident, and self-assured.

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