Case Study 2

Successful Promotion to Spearhead a Global Merger


A leading manufacturing company VP asked Hathorn Consulting Group to enhance his visibility, credibility, and performance in anticipation of a major move into a SVP role. He needed an outside coach and trusted advisor to develop him into a more dynamic leader, ready to take the reins of much bigger responsibility on short notice.


Sarah worked with the executive to do a DNA evaluation of specific leadership competencies he needed to improve. She then guided him to elevate his executive presence skills, hold his team more accountable for results, and effectively delegate as a more strategic “big picture” leader…with an inspired and persuasive vision of success.


Four months into the project and just prior to a companywide merger, this VP was promoted to a SVP role at the corporate headquarters for global operations. He quickly acclimated to the role and created innovative strategy for both his division and the company, streamlining the organizational merger. His team continues to deliver impressive performance and top-line results. This top executive subsequently engaged Sarah for ongoing support as a Trusted Advisor.

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