Case Study 1

Coaching: Preparing a Senior Executive for Promotion


A major utility company requested Hathorn Consulting Group to help a senior executive prepare for much greater responsibility. Their business environment was very challenging…and that was exacerbated by a companywide reorganization. They wanted to proactively develop this leader to ensure long-term success for both him and the rest of the organization.


After an in-depth review with the executive, Sarah identified a systematic and customized approach to address team development, leadership interaction, and effective leadership during organizational change. The program included development of higher-level communications for addressing the media, delivering industry keynotes, and persuading/influencing key stakeholders/decision makers.


Within six months, he was internally promoted and well-received by colleagues and peers, due to his preparatory work to build a strong leadership brand, collaborative partnerships, and increased organizational visibility. He can now deliver dynamic presentations with confidence, adapting his communication style to specific circumstances, objectives, and audiences. He also set higher team expectations while continually developing them to enhance productivity. Due to the merger, he was positioned as a strategic, innovative leader and led his teams to adopt innovative methods and deliver much better results.

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