Case Study 3

100% Sales Growth for Heath Care Provider


After five years of consistent, solid growth, a successful health care industry company experienced stagnation. The organization was struggling to figure out why their sales and new patient conversation rate had dropped, how to retain their top talent, and how to increase their marketplace position. The business owner was a great doctor, but had little experience in marketing, business development, and leadership of large teams.


Sarah worked closely with the owner to provide leadership coaching and one-on-one consulting. She also conducted a corporate DNA analysis that revealed weaknesses and opportunities for strength development. Those included a new brand and marketing strategy coupled with a blueprint for practical and rapid implementation. Systems were deployed to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and increase employee engagement.


Within a year the organization’s sales increased over 100%, which was the best in the company’s history. Retention rates for existing patients increased, and they attracted significant numbers of new patients each month. They also reduced employee attrition by 40% and healthier corporate DNA ensured high workplace morale and more engaged and productive employees.

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