Get Immunized Against Negativity

Get Immunized Against Negativity

Get Immunized Againist Negativity

Workplace negativity will spread faster than a wintertime flu virus, and when it does you will be faced with symptoms culminating in lower productivity, poor performance, deteriorating morale, and undermined leadership ability. So what fuels it and keeps it going? Is it gossip, jealousy, or boredom? Can that be traced to something practical like a lack of a coherent company culture, poor communication between departments, or the lack of a well-articulated code of ethics?

Oftentimes it starts at the top, unfortunately, because under the intense pressure of leadership you may lose focus, composure, and control. But don’t succumb, or your ability to lead will be immediately compromised and you may never regain the respect you need to lead successfully.

To avoid this outcome you first need to check your personal issues at the door. Better yet, strive for a healthy work/life balance that eliminates the unwanted drama and stress and lets you always be at your best. Next, learn to squelch office gossip and never, ever, repeat gossip if you plan to be respected as a leader. Last but not least, inoculate yourself from this insidious virus by learning how to not let other people’s negativity or issues get under your skin and become your own weakness.

Your Predictable Promotion Assignment:

Like they do at the CDC here in Atlanta, track down the source of any virus-like attitudes that could undermine your leadership. Look for symptoms of negative mental chatter, a lack of confidence, or susceptibility to the negativity of others. Once you identify them you can start to root them out, one by one.

Question: Ask yourself how negativity at work can travel back to cause unwanted problems at home in your personal life, and how bringing baggage and drama with you from home to work can destroy team morale. You might be surprised by how insightful the answers can be!

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