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Acquiring Critical Leadership Criteria Senior management understands the value of investing in future leadership, but also realizes that to find extraordinary leaders it is important to look for outstanding qualities that are multidimensional, strategically developed, and tempered by experience.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself regarding your leadership development objectives:

Do I have a panoramic vision of the organization?
Leading from the top doesn’t always work in today’s diverse and complex companies, so develop a more panoramic and cross-departmental vision and understanding to ensure sustainable success. Knowing how to operate horizontally and diagonally, in other words, is the fastest way to earn a vertical promotion.

How do I handle workplace politics?
Volunteer up, praise down, and never repeat office gossip. Pitch in to reinforce the performance of your bosses when you see room for improvement. Promote and support those on your team or your employees. Never speak about someone in a way that you aren’t prepared to say to their face. Follow that code and you’ll

Speaking with greater clarity and purpose is vital for any leader, whether they are talking to an employee, client, board room, or the news media. Those who lack this ability will appear weak, befuddled, and ineffective – and will fail to convey their ideas and leadership vision. But those who have a mastery of communication have a powerful asset that can influence others and ensure extraordinary success.

Clear messages will only come from clear thoughts, so know what you want to say before you write or speak. Take notes, isolate talking points, and avoid flowery or complicated language. Keep it simple, and avoid using more words than necessary to convey your ideas. When communication is clear it improves the chances that hearing and comprehension on the other end will also be

Faster Promotions Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to success and faster promotions for most people is not fierce competitors or a tough economy. Granted, those are major factors. But the truth is that it’s oftentimes ourselves who are standing in the way of our own career progress.

I experienced it early in my career when I got passed over for my first gigantic promotion. Luckily I became aware of the issue, overcame it, and was able to go on to enjoy great success as a senior executive with a Fortune 100 company before launching my own successful entrepreneurial business.

For decades I’ve observed that the biggest roadblocks to success and the most commonly experienced pitfalls can be traced back to one’s on self-image or mindset.

  • That’s why I often share a 360-degree assessment tool with my clients when they are trying to figure out how to design and promote a brand or professional image. Most are pleasantly surprised to learn how differently they are perceived by trusted others like family members, friends, and colleagues when compared to how they critically assess themselves.
  • Usually they find out that others see them as a lot

This could be the most important call in your life for unlocking your career potential As a great military strategist once said, “You can defeat any enemy except the one that has outposts in your head.” There’s no doubt about it – the most challenging obstacle...