What’s the Biggest Obstacle to Faster Promotions?

What’s the Biggest Obstacle to Faster Promotions?

Faster Promotions

Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to success and faster promotions for most people is not fierce competitors or a tough economy. Granted, those are major factors. But the truth is that it’s oftentimes ourselves who are standing in the way of our own career progress.

I experienced it early in my career when I got passed over for my first gigantic promotion. Luckily I became aware of the issue, overcame it, and was able to go on to enjoy great success as a senior executive with a Fortune 100 company before launching my own successful entrepreneurial business.

For decades I’ve observed that the biggest roadblocks to success and the most commonly experienced pitfalls can be traced back to one’s on self-image or mindset.

  • That’s why I often share a 360-degree assessment tool with my clients when they are trying to figure out how to design and promote a brand or professional image. Most are pleasantly surprised to learn how differently they are perceived by trusted others like family members, friends, and colleagues when compared to how they critically assess themselves.
  • Usually they find out that others see them as a lot more talented and capable that they see themselves, and that enables them to have a platform from which to start promoting themselves with greater confidence./li>
  • Until you recognize your own value your attempts to project a professional image or leadership presence will be undermined from within – and if you do assert yourself you’ll risk coming across as less than genuine./li>
  • When you learn to fully believe in yourself, on the other hand, then it becomes much easier to be completely authentic and enthusiastic about advertising your value to your company, your clients, and others in your industry. /li>

The human mind is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Learn to control it and you will make huge progress toward controlling your own professional or career destiny.

Have you or someone you know overcome a deep-seeded internal barrier or obstacle to success? Please share your story or your ideas about this provocative topic!

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