Utilize 3 Keys to Predictable Promotion™

Utilize 3 Keys to Predictable Promotion™


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Here are three incredible keys to career acceleration that we should all keep in the forefront of our vision and in the daily toolkit of our executive presence development.


I love when I’m working with a client and gain insight into how they think and how they view their situation. Then I can empathize and brainstorm with them as a genuine partner.

But I can also more clearly see the gap between their perceived realty (which is often shaped by emotions like fear or lack of confidence) and the actual circumstances.

That gives me powerful tools to support and empower them, and it lets me precisely and accurately assess and evaluate their marketable skills – while simultaneously identifying weaknesses we need to work on together. Develop that kind of 360-degree perspective with those you lead and you’ll be exponentially more effective.


We often say that perception is reality – especially in branding and marketing. But it also applies to mindset management, executive presence, and how you self-identify and define yourself as a leader.

What you think of yourself, your profession, your current role, and who you are all conspire to determine external success outcomes and your level of work/life satisfaction.

If you have self-perception obstacles, it is within your power to reframe those and reinvent yourself in the image of what you want to be.

If you want others to change their perception of you and put you on the fast-track, the easiest and most important step is to change your own internal “View of You.”


Ideas have to earn their promotions, too, and the advancement of your agenda will be more predictable through the solution-oriented steps of the Predictable Promotion™ system.

To have persuasion in the organization you need to understand what people want – both personally and on an organizational, departmental, team, or individual career goal level.

Almost everything you do as a leader is, ultimately, about getting to a solution in the fastest and most efficient manner. To succeed at that you must understand the challenges of others from their perspective so you can sell them your solutions based on their unique needs and problems.

Each time you make a request or presentation to get your ideas across and your initiatives accepted, ask “What is in it for them?” and communicate that value. Then your leadership will always be more influential and persuasive across the corporate grid.


Predictable Promotion™ Exercise

In what ways is your perspective coloring your ability to exude more persuasive and powerful executive presence?

Pick one negative interpretation of yourself – and the world around you – and reframe it into a positive.

Then let me know at the end of 30 days what impact it had on your confidence and ability to lead with greater ease and influence.


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