Top 5 Executive Presence Communication Tips

Top 5 Executive Presence Communication Tips


I wanted to share with you my “Top 5” list of valuable executive presence tips that I routinely share with my private clients. So let’s dive right in!

Plan Ahead

Always outline your presentation well ahead of time. Memorize that outline or sequence of connected ideas. Then tick off each talking point one by one to build toward a cohesive and convincing conclusion. That keeps you from going astray or down some unintended rabbit hole.

Non-Verbal Executive Presence Communication

Confident speakers literally take up more space when they communicate. Use appropriate gestures to punctuate a point of emphasis. Lean in as you make eye contact, for example, to show a greater level of passion and commitment. Don’t be afraid to open your arms and move. You’re the conductor, and your audience is the orchestra.

Play with the Volume

Vocal dynamics, which means the raising and lowering of volume when you talk, is highly effective at conveying executive presence. Lowering your voice makes people listen harder, for example, while raising your voice can add extra power and confidence to your words.

Read Your Audience

Scan your audience for non-verbal clues. Are they zoning-out? They may be disinterested or just confused and unable to grasp your concept. Don’t just drone on. Change your vocal dynamics and body language. Slow down your delivery, go back and clarify a technical point, or pause and ask for questions. When you see them reengage, continue.

Carry a Tune

If you really want to improve your public speaking quickly, take a few private singing lessons with a voice coach. Even if you cannot carry a tune in a bucket, a qualified teacher can show you how to sing. More importantly, they will teach you techniques to make you a better public speaker. They’ll teach you to breathe so your voice has greater resonance and isn’t thin. They’ll show you how to utilize vocal tools like dynamics, posture, and warming up your voice before giving a presentation. They know tricks to lower your pitch and add gravitas to your voice. Plus it will be fun!

Over the years I have found that following these five executive presence communication tips can significantly enhance the communication skills of leaders and executives to a more impactful and influential level. That’s true whether they are communicating by phone, during a meeting, or from behind the podium.

What is your next big opportunity to communicate to an important audience? Which of these tips do you have time to practice or implement to help ensure your success?

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