Are you a Reactive or Proactive Leader?

Are you a Reactive or Proactive Leader?


Reactivity is one of the most difficult but most common challenges faced by those who have the qualities of a natural leader. What I mean by REACTION is that they act from a place of spontaneous emotion. More effective leaders will instead weigh the situation and RESPOND thoughtfully, intentionally, and in a way that is PROACTIVE and strategic.

Every behavior is, on one fundamental level, a choice. How you choose will determine what kind of executive you are, because mental choices are the most important executive decisions a leader makes.

The goal is to develop your mindset management to become a character-driven leader, versus one who is driven by flights of emotion.

Emotions can change without a moment’s notice. But character is the source of gravitas and will keep you centered in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Of course most natural leaders tend to be extremely passionate individuals who jump at the chance to take charge. They are the ones who will literally or at least figuratively rush into a burning building to save the day, and that means they are wired to function on an emotional level. That’s a great quality. But you must channel that passion in intelligent ways to survive and thrive and rise to the level of an iconic legend who cares for and nurtures those who are under your leadership command.

Rather than acting out, work strategies from the inside – beginning with the powerhouse of the subconscious self.

Realize that reactions spark knee-jerk dramatic behavior that may not be productive, while responses are about responsibility, accountability, and being deliberate.

The emotional actor will do what’s popular and feels good in the moment. The character-driven person does what is right according to their internal leadership principles and they derive genuinely sustainable satisfaction.

While a reactive leader is prone to being carried away by the situation, the proactive leader carries the full responsibility for the situation with poise and grace.

Having the raw ingredients of natural leadership only makes you a diamond in the rough. To be an outstanding leader in the world of business you have to transform that untamed potential into a rare, multifaceted, highly polished diamond that is exquisitely refined and developed. That’s the instantly-recognizable and highly sought-after quality we refer to as executive leadership presence. Be proactive about developing that and your marketability will soar.


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