High Visibility LinkedIn Design Strategies

High Visibility LinkedIn Design Strategies


  • Upload a professional headshot photo to give people a real sense of who they are connecting with in a way that contributes to the “know, like, and trust” factor.
  • Include a brief, well-crafted brand bio that describes who you are, what makes you unique, what you are passionate about as a professional, and what motivates your career path.
  • Share a bit about your personal interests and activities too – including how you give back to your community – so people will get a feeling for what makes you tick beyond the workplace.
  • Build Your Brand Community: After each networking introduction, send a personalized/customized email message via LinkedIn to invite those you met to join your LinkedIn group.
  • Tip: Don’t send the default LinkedIn template or recipients will feel you didn’t care enough about them to write a personal note.
  • Join groups that target your expertise and engage the group’s members to find out what kind of information or solutions they seek. Then be generous about sharing value-adding content and helpful advice because that will position you as the expert in the room.

Your Predictable Promotion Assignment:

Review your personal LinkedIn profile to be sure it professionally represents your current, up-to-date leadership brand through all elements such as the bio, photo, and your credentials. When is the last time you added new people to your LinkedIn brand network? Do it now, without delay.

Question: If you got conked on the head, suffered amnesia, and forgot everything about yourself and only had your current LinkedIn profile to go on, would you learn enough from it to get a well-rounded idea of who you really are?

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