Anti-Aging Enhancements: Natural beauty is timeless

Anti-Aging Enhancements: Natural beauty is timeless

IStock_000002436180XSmall Expensive surgical facelifts used to be considered a trendy rite of passage – and a sign of status and wealth – for American women crossing the threshold of middle age. With a little nip and tuck around the face they felt like they were in their 20s again, and facelifts were accepted as a standard procedure for dealing with a woman’s midlife crisis.  But as New York cosmetic surgeon John Turk, MD explained in this month’s issue of More Magazine, “In the past, women could go into a doctor’s office and end up looking ‘younger,’ but it was rarely a natural look.” 

As we have seen, that kind of treatment often leads to a conspicuously unnatural look – with skin pulled so taut that it looks like more like an expressionless mask than a youthful and beautiful face. So before you decide to go under the knife give some thought to the innovative skin care options that women have today. They can make us look and feel healthier and more radiant – instead of unrealistically flawless and desperately uncomfortable with our natural maturity.

The Goal is Not to Look Younger – Just Better!
There is really no reason to look like you are in your 20s if you are not, because as you evolve and mature you take on elegant, powerful, beautifully graceful attributes. I realize that as I coach my female clients who are leaders and executives that many of them lose confidence over time, just because they develop a few wrinkles and lines. Rather than resort to plastic surgery, however, I recommend that they can take advantage of innovative treatments such as Restylane, Jevederm, and Botox. 
These fillers help to add a gentle lift to the skin for a renewed and enhanced look.

Looking Attractive & Pretty
Every woman I coach wants to appear more attractive and pretty, and we tend to evaluate our looks based on two things – our bodily shape and facial features. But I’m here to tell you that a few new wrinkles on the face is no reason to fret – and worrying about such insignificant details only invites a stressed-out expression and accentuated worry lines.

A recent survey of Hollywood directors revealed, in fact, that many women actors are so obsessed with having flawless faces that they go to extremes that rob them of their natural expressiveness – which keeps them from getting chosen during auditions. Directors complain that they cannot find enough mature women to cast in their films because a face with no wrinkles or lines is incapable of expressing feelings, emotions, and personality. You certainly don’t want to fall into that image trap. So remember that even by Hollywood’s standards an expressive face with luminous, healthy skin will always trump a few wrinkles – and is more alluring and unique.

Of course we all want to look our best and keep our skin radiant and smooth. So to tone down the darker spots that sometimes emerge with age you can try one of the great topical creams with extra antioxidants. The line of Olay Regenerist products is, for example, both affordable and highly effective at relieving dry skin and giving your face a lovely glow. You may also want to try an application of Retin-A. Use it in the evening three times a week to speed your cellular recovery and help alleviate more defined wrinkles or dark areas under the eyes.  Then just exfoliate your skin every other day or so to keep your skin feeling and looking smooth and soft.

Aging gracefully is about exuding natural confidence to let your inner beauty blaze. With all of the great skin care methods and products available today everyone can boost their confidence through minor enhancements that ensure you look your very best all day, every day. So if you’ve tried any skin care innovations and found them beneficial I’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations.



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