Remote Work Reduces Promotion Opportunities by 31% – 3 Tips on How to Counteract It

Remote Work Reduces Promotion Opportunities by 31% – 3 Tips on How to Counteract It

Remote Work Reduces Promotion Opportunities by 31% – 3 Tips on How to Counteract It

The Wall Street Journal reported that last year remote workers had less than a 70% chance of being given a promotion, compared to those who had returned to the office. There were even fewer opportunities offered to women working remotely.

The troubling phenomenon was confirmed by a recent survey of chief executives regarding their decision-making process regarding raises, promotions, and more desirable roles within their organizations. Nearly nine out of 10 said they would most likely give those to employees who had returned to the office. Put another way, if an opening for a promotion becomes available and you work remotely, your odds of your boss picking you could be slashed to a mere 10%.

Read on to find out three ways that you as a leader and those you lead can boost the odds of a Predictable Promotion – even though you work remotely.

1).  Enhance Virtual Communication Skills

Leaders and remote workers in today’s tech-fueled business environment need to master the art of virtual communication. Otherwise their skillsets will rapidly become obsolete. Become more engaging and assertive on video calls. Use more influential, concise, impactful language in emails. Learn how to convey leadership presence in your body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

2). Magnify Visibility and Recognition

There’s a visibility gap for those who work remotely, but don’t let yourself or those you lead fall prey to “out of sight, out of mind.” Inclusivity and collaboration are essential for productivity and innovation – results that propel rapid promotions. Acknowledge both large and small achievements in a very public way that both remote and in-office personnel will see and celebrate.

3).  Boost Career Development Opportunities

Leaders must provide greater access to mentoring, training, and professional development resources for remote and hybrid workers. For example, I provide my clients and their teams with tailor-made coaching that can be done online. You also need to provide quicker, more frequent feedback and extra support to your individual team members working remotely, to help boost their performance, morale, and connectivity to one another.

Remember, remote workers are promoted 31% less, especially women. But these are 3 key ways for workers and leaders to remedy that for Predictable Promotions. Put these strategies to work ASAP to help you level the playing field and be rewarded with faster, more satisfying promotions and stronger organizational and leadership DNA.

Takeaway Questions
Don’t let anyone in the organization be disadvantaged because in-office employees have more frequent access to resources that help ensure Predictable Promotions. Ask yourself:

  • How can I enhance my ability to lead via remote connections and interactions effectively?
  • How can I facilitate team members to receive extra professional development coaching to prepare them for Predictable Promotions?
  • What are the current best practices for leading remote teams, and where can I learn them?

Keep in mind that your ability to win leadership promotions depends 100% on your team members earning promotions. That’s how you earn a reputation for knowing how to develop valuable, high performance team members.

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