Is Your Career Starved for Feedback?

Is Your Career Starved for Feedback?



Feedback is critical to career success, and if you are not getting the kind of insightful and helpful input or critiques that you need, you may be slowly starving your development. Before you know it your value can wither away as more informed competitors take the right steps to move themselves forward while you remain stuck in the status quo.

Don’t Settle for Praise Alone

I always find it amazing that so many corporate leaders today tell me they never receive adequate constructive feedback. Many of my private clients tell me that they ask for feedback but unfortunately, their bosses just says “Oh, you are doing great.”

You cannot settle for a pat on the back. You need to be clear and ask for specific, valid feedback. I have been a corporate mentor, executive presence coach, and promotion acceleration expert for decades. But almost every month, as most of you know, I set aside time to work with my own private coaches and mentors who give me constructive feedback.

Ask for Specifics

Tell your boss to list the top three things you do best. Then ask them to point out the one thing you should work on and improve to be a more well-rounded team member.

If your boss isn’t capable of giving you that kind of assistance and insight, then look for someone in HR or request that one of the senior managers in your organization mentor you.

Organize a 360

You can also organize your own informal 360-review, asking trusted colleagues, family members, or friends to give you a supportive but honest critique of your strong points and areas that show room to develop.

We all need partners with the vision, honesty, and experience to point out where we can add even greater value to what we bring to the table.

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