Do You Leverage Conscious Habits for Extraordinary Success?

Do You Leverage Conscious Habits for Extraordinary Success?

#1 Feed Your Head a Healthy Breakfast

Instead of mindlessly absorbing random TV or radio chatter before work, tune out the negativity for 15-20 minutes and revitalize yourself with positive mindset messages. Read something inspirational. Listen to one of my CDs as you commute. Recite self-affirmations.

Feed your conscious mind with uplifting, empowering thoughts and ideas and tap into your powerful subconscious to elevate your attitude throughout your day and your life.

The simple act of fueling and strengthening your mind with thoughts that energize and empower is a fantastic confidence booster that will help your leadership presence glow.

#2 Vividly Visualize Success

Those of you who watched the U.S. Open Golf Tournament may have noticed how the winner, Jordan Spieth, and his caddie engaged in nonstop discussion of positive visualization techniques.

One of his favorite techniques is “mirroring” the success of competitors when they managed a great golf shot. Rather than feeling defeated as they outscore him, Spieth instead pictures that success in his own head – owning it for himself to give him a mental edge.

Likewise, there are hundreds of similar techniques you can use to see success in your mind to invite it into the reality of your leadership career.

#3 Find Unseen Opportunity

One reason to begin each day on a positive note with an optimistic mindset is that instead of having a heightened awareness of obstacles, you’ll instead be more attuned to possibilities and solutions.

See the day as your springboard to success and your brain will automatically interpret your experience through a filter of positive potential.

Not only will elevate your performance, but it will influence those you lead as well as those who make critical decisions that can take your career to a higher level.

#4 Jump Right in and Swim

But don’t mistake attitude management and intentional mindfulness for just being cerebral and absorbed in your own thoughts.

You have to put those affirmative suggestions into action. Otherwise you will over-think everything and get nothing done. Make this the day you take the leap.

Discover what rewards await those who move beyond fear and take calculated, strategic risks outside the stagnant comfort zone of the status quo into the realm of unlimited possibility.

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