Leaders: Are You Ready to Rapidly Advance?

Leaders: Are You Ready to Rapidly Advance?


The Illustra tagline is “Advancing Leaders in Record Time.” We selected it because I love to work with people who are ready to advance and increase their own success. Those are my ideal clients. They yearn to learn, stretch, and accelerate way beyond their status quo and into the thrilling growth environment that always lies waiting just outside the comfort zone.

I was recently working with a private client in my Platinum program, a VP of HR who hired me to help prepare and position him for a promotion. Five months into our year-long collaboration, guess what? He has already been promoted, not just once but up two levels, and is now a Senior VP. The rapid advancement shocked him, but not me. I knew he was ready and that he would attract Predictable Promotions in record time.

We sometimes don’t realize just how far we’ve grown internally until something external confirms and validates that growth. Let me share three of the top tips that ensured my client’s breathtakingly fast advancement.

#1 Leverage Your Brain Power

  • Studies tell us that the average person only uses 11% of the brain. Think of all that potential you could be tapping into, and what would happen to your life and your career if you spent just 90 minutes a day developing and improving.
  • Cure that “destination disease” of being content with where you are and find out where you could go! Don’t settle for being above average – stalled and stuck in your own self-created status quo. Become iconic!

#2 Stop Treading Water

  • Let your competition tread water if they like, but in today’s competitive economic environment, it is sink or swim. If your skill levels are at the same place today they were just three or four years ago, you’re not ready for promotion.
  • Decision makers will see you as merely a future pipeline asset, but when they are ready to promote the one who gets hired is the one is already qualified to step in, step up, and hit the ground running.

#3 Develop Your Gifts

  • Most people never attempt to develop their strengths, those natural gifts they are born owning. Why? Well it’s because they are already above average in those areas, so they can simply coast along and still get by just fine. Instead they stay busy trying to improve where they are most vulnerable.

Yes, by all means, keep strengthening your weak spots. But when you find your gifts, strengthen them and you will be head and shoulders above everyone else. Your company will not be able to make it without you. Set the world on fire by exponentially multiplying and developing your more valuable assets in ways you did not think possible, and you will blow away all the competition!

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified image master (CIM) and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Consulting, provides leading-edge image and brand management strategies for top leaders and high achievers who wish to take their career to the next level. She also delivers innovative and inspiring corporate workshops to assist large organizations in strengthening their corporate brand.

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