New Fuel for Your Leadership Confidence

New Fuel for Your Leadership Confidence


Try igniting a fire without any oxygen and you’ll see what it’s like to try to rally the team for greater productivity and performance without leadership confidence. You won’t have any persuasive power because leadership confidence is the contagious charisma that incites and ignites the passions of others to give you their best.

3 Ways to Fire-Up Your Self Assurance

So here are three helpful techniques you can deploy to keep your confidence high and your executive mindset healthy and strong.

1) Feed Your Head

Nix the negativity. Just as you eat a balanced diet to be healthy, I want you to stop feeding your mind junk food. Manage your self-talk, study your ideal role models, read confidence-building books, and avoid confidence-sapping parasites and esteem-draining vampires like the plague.

2) Think Solutions, Not Consequences

Stop looking at the situation as a problem and don’t dwell on the imagined downside. Instead visualize the outcome you really wish would happen. Now backtrack to where you are now and then seek a step-by-step solution that will get you where you want to be one result at a time.

3) Put Your World Back into Perspective

In the grand scheme of things, how bad is it, really? You cannot tell me you haven’t met tough challenges before and overcome them because if that were true you would not be in the current role of responsibility.

Hey, the worst that can happen is that you’ll chalk this one up to tuition in the school of real-world business experience. World peace is not at stake. So take a deep breath and then go slay that dragon.

Leadership Confidence Can Be Yours in 2015

I have a platinum client who when we first started working together was very timid and lacked the confidence to handle higher levels of leadership. Together we worked on how he needs to see manage and enhance his internal picture of himself and edit out those naysayer voices in his head. I also had him practice reframing difficult scenarios with a solution-oriented and positive perspective.

Over the course of a year it’s been amazing to see how his confidence has soared and all types of opportunities are suddenly, and magically, coming his way. In fact, his boss commented that he had seen “a new leader emerge” over the last few months, and suggested it was time for my client to accept greater responsibility through a predictable promotion.

So what’s your “next level” wish, and how can strengthened leadership confidence help get you there faster and sooner?


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