Illuminate Your Executive Presence Blind Spots

Illuminate Your Executive Presence Blind Spots


Around this time of year luxury automobile brands begin to roll out previews of next year’s models, touting their innovations and amenities. One of the features getting attention these days is technology that helps identify other vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. Automotive engineers have figured out ways to use radar to alert you before you have an accident, and car companies say that it can save lives.

Panoramic Vision

I found that interesting because in many ways I do the same thing when working with my private Platinum Clients. The difference is that I help them avoid hitting obstacles on their career paths by utilizing tools such as the Reach 360º Brand Assessment. That ensures that they have a clear view all the way around and stay in the fast lane for predictable promotions.

What’s Hiding in Your Blind Spot?

One of my clients, for example, thought of himself as an excellent communicator who always kept his team well-informed. Upon seeing the results of his Reach Brand 360º Assessment, however, he learned that what he was trying to get across was being interpreted quite differently by his team members. They actually thought that he lacked empathy and was not really invested in their professional futures or very interested in them on a personal level. Ouch!

Strategic, Proactive Solutions

Fortunately we were able to illuminate those blind spots in his communication style and overall executive presence. I helped him develop a more strategic and clarified communication style that genuinely reflected his warm and personable nature. Within just 30 days his boss and the people on his team noticed a measurable difference and improvement. That boosted team morale and resulted in higher performance, while his boss told him he was really stepping up his leadership presence in a more dynamic fashion.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Those are huge achievements in an impressively short amount of time, and that real-life example illustrates the keen importance and value of managing impressions, developing executive presence awareness, and – most of all – shining a light on the blind spots. After all, if you don’t see trouble coming how will you prepare for it or protect yourself from it?

Accelerate Your Career Today

That’s where extra sets of eyes in the form of assessment tools, insightful mentors, coaches, and those with more executive experience can be absolutely invaluable. Knowledge is power, and can make the difference between crashing and burning your career by getting blindsided or achieving unimaginable positive results to take you all the way to the top!

Are there any particularly problematic blind spots or camouflaged pitfalls that you’ve encountered, and did someone help you shine a light on those? Please share your ideas and insights by commenting below because others will benefit from hearing what you have to say on this important topic!


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