Personal Branding & Executive Presence: Uncover Your Fabulous Factor!

Personal Branding & Executive Presence: Uncover Your Fabulous Factor!


The way people get to know you is to learn about what makes you outstanding – what I call your Fabulous Factor. Each of has that special “X Factor.” Unfortunately, 80% or more of today’s top talent will never dig deep enough within themselves and their brand to realize what theirs is. Consequently they will never reach their full potential, and their dream careers will go to someone else. That someone should be you!

      • They desire to know where your passions and convictions lie.
      • They need to understand how you demonstrate executive expertise.
      • They have to see you express your leadership in action.
      • They want to quantify your value by measuring what you bring to the table.

In other words, your dynamic and internally-fueled executive presence must be the core and essence of your personal branding. That’s the key to extraordinary brand and image success. It also creates a self-perpetuating loop and feed. As your brand develops, it enhances and invigorates your executive presence. As your executive presence radiates and attracts it fuels and strengthens your personal branding. That kind of synergy is both sustainable and scalable in an organic way that will stand out far above your competitors’ “one size fits all” brands and superficially contrived or skin-deep executive presence.

Iconic leaders have unmistakable presence that can never be imitated or attempted by anyone else but them. They have discovered their own individual and genuine brands in an authentic way that comes from their spirit and heart, not just from a manicured public image that is only for show. Think of the unusual but highly effective  and classically memorable personal branding of leaders such as Oprah, Steve Jobs, Princess Di, and Warren Buffett. Nobody can imitate their personal branding because it is as unique as their DNA.

Predictable Promotion™ Exercise

The key question then is this: What lies at the center of your executive presence and leadership DNA? How is your personal branding fingerprint different than everyone else’s?

  • Pick one of your favorite icons – someone who has what you consider a Fabulous Factor you would like to emulate. Think about how they developed that and where it comes from within their being or professional identity.
  • Now think of yourself and identify the top 3-4 traits that define you and make you stand out. How can you further illuminate and promote those in your daily executive presence or personal branding?

What other skills or attributes can you add to take it all to the next level, and where can you go to learn the kinds of branding strategies to make that happen NOW? Let me know what you come up with because I would love to hear your ideas!



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