Channel the Olympian Mindset for Career Success Gold

Channel the Olympian Mindset for Career Success Gold


To exemplify the success mindset – whether in the sports arena or the business world – you especially need the four particular traits outlined below.

1. Team Vision

Olympians and iconic leaders exude a shared team perspective. They promote themselves and win recognition from others through an uncommon service mentality and willingness to give credit to others for their own success.

2. Ongoing Skill Acquisition

They also have a keen realization that races, games, and medals are won on the training field as much as on the playing field. To lead you need to be a lifelong learner. Continually plan ahead to identify winning skills. Proactively develop those to enhance your confidence and your practical value-add. That’s how you rise above the crowd and distinguish yourself as the rarest of gems.

3. Actionable Techniques

Adopt the athlete’s attitude that your development will never cease but will become a living part of your brand, your identity, and your professional lifestyle. You will constantly grow, stretch, and expand your horizons. You’ll always have fresh strategies in your professional toolkit that hone your leadership and polish your executive presence. You’ll also possess effective strategies to reframe life’s inevitable missteps as value-adding experiences that give you leadership unique depth and wisdom.  

4. The Heart of a Champion

Above all, they know that in order to compete at the highest level you have to have the unbeatable determination and success mindset of a true champ. You must have heart and a willingness to commit to the process. As soon as you find your boundaries or limits you have to figure out new ways to push past them and venture outside of your comfort zone. Get used to living in that stimulating mental and emotional space that is the breeding ground of personal growth and legendary accomplishment.

Predictable Promotion™ Exercise

Here’s a success mindset planning and cultivation exercise that will be both fun and rewarding!

  • Watch the Olympics and root for your favorite athletes!
  • Write down the names of a few who really impress you.
  • Do some reading to find out what motivates them and how long they’ve been trying to get to the Olympics.
  • What kinds of special coaching and training regimens do they follow? What is their winning mindset?

Now apply those same principles to your professional journey, career, and leadership aspirations. What does it take to compete in your particular field and arena? What kinds of special coaching, mentoring, or developmental training regimen can you establish to ensure your greater success? Now get off the couch and go for the gold!

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