Master the Winning Mindset: Protect your Positivity

Master the Winning Mindset: Protect your Positivity


One time I heard a woman who used to run a boarding house say “Just because they rented a room from me doesn’t mean they had a right to occupy any space inside my head!” That sums it up pretty well, doesn’t it? To maintain a winning mindset keep negative people out of your headspace – otherwise they can be toxic to your attitude.

Attitude is Contagious

We’re heading into the cold and flu season, and it’s healthy to steer clear of those who are coughing and sneezing. What I’m suggesting is that you apply that same smart strategy in terms of avoiding people who spread contagious interpersonal negativity. They are not worth your time! Others who share your winning attitude and invite prosperity into their lives are equally contagious – but in the good, positive way!

Negate the Negative

There will always be naysayers, complainers, detractors, and whiners. Intentionally distance yourself from them in favor of people with self-affirming goals and dreams and supportive spirits. Join a tribe that will constantly remind you that you ARE deserving and that you CAN accomplish greatness! Seek out the dynamic association of those who feel GOOD about themselves and make you feel GREAT!

Manage Your Precious Resources

You would not turn over the management of your nest egg to someone who was so pessimistic or closed minded that they recommended stashing your life savings in your mattress. You’d instead find someone with a proactive, optimistic outlook for how to grow your wealth. Time is your most valuable commodity and your mind is your most powerful resource. So don’t waste time on negative people but do devote some wise energy to intentionally managing your mindset – and the company you keep.

Here’s an idea to get you started. Can you name three people who are toxic in your life, plus three others you need to spend more time with who add positive perspective that is as good as gold?


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