Develop Your Own Powerful Success Mindset!

Develop Your Own Powerful Success Mindset!


You may not have been born with an upbeat personality and winning attitude. Even if you were you may have lost it along the way – especially if you were raised in an environment that fostered negativity or failed to instill self-confidence. But contrary to popular belief, “can-do” confidence with executive presence is a characteristic that can be learned and trained – even if it doesn’t come naturally.

  • I was born an introvert, for example, but through deliberate steps I overcame my shyness because it was an obstacle to career success. Now I spend much of my professional life on stage, in the spotlight.
  • Such dramatic transformation is possible because competence builds confidence. How do you become more capable, knowledgeable, experienced, and expert?
  • You have to set goals and commit yourself to the process of strategic, intentional self-development. There are practical, step-by-step solutions anyone can implement! Then you can play a much bigger and bolder game.
  • Cognitive behavior and visualization tools can help you conquer fears and reframe your thoughts. Mindset management can silence the toxic voices of negativity in your head. Identifying and highlighting certain natural personality traits can give you genuine, visible confidence.
  • Did you know that Carol Burnett, Amanda Seyfried, Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, Rod Stewart, and Barbara Streisand all suffered from stage fright?

Look at your own industry role models and mentors. In what specific ways do they demonstrate confidence that you wish you had? What internal strengths or learned skills can you acquire to project that kind of powerful and charismatic presence?


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