Become an Industry Expert

Become an Industry Expert


Face it, you’ve been in the game long enough that you are now an expert. If you don’t realize that then just think about how far you’ve come since you started your career. It will be obvious to you that you’ve developed real expertise in at least one area, and probably on multiple levels.

Strategic Steps

But the problem is that most people don’t bother to package and promote their specialization in a way that garners attention and acknowledgment from others. Break that mold with decisive, strategic action to position yourself as the industry expert and suddenly you’ll have a lot more feathers in your cap.

Expand Your Presence

Do that and people will see you differently because you present yourself in a more valuable way, which is the whole idea behind executive and leadership presence. The path to greater responsibility, meaningful network connections, important promotions, and measurable success will immediately become straight as an arrow.

Emerging from the Shadows

One of my clients, for instance, had no idea how much value he had to offer others as an expert in his field. I pushed him to get out of his comfort zone and leverage his unique experience and talent. He followed my advice and brought together the thought leaders of his industry for a conference session, establishing a new forum and format. He did the preparation work, filled every seat in the audience, and hosted a dynamic event.

Instant Celebrity

More than 300 people signed up, with standing room only. Then, as the conference progressed, the organizers actually cancelled the other competing sessions – and everyone there attended his instead! Now he’s a celebrity and household name within that industry. The point of this story is that you can do the same and soon be basking in your own success!

Where is your strongest area of expertise? What else could you be doing to promote that unique and genuine value within your organization, social network, or industry niche?


So tell me, how do you want to reinvent yourself


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