Immerse Yourself in Accelerated Success

Immerse Yourself in Accelerated Success

If you have ever come to Atlanta to work with me in one of my intensive sessions, you know that I devote the entire time to coaching, advising, and consulting on a variety of key strategies and techniques.

The intensity of this kind of laser focus really gets to the core of your leadership development, which is why many of my clients experience an entire year’s worth of growth in a matter of hours. Clients tell me that my sessions remind them of the famous language acquisition programs the State Department gives its personnel before sending them to work in foreign countries. They immerse participants in a foreign language and culture 24/7, where they rapidly adapt and learn to communicate with fluency. Naturally, their comprehension and development happens at warp speed.

In the same way, you may find that you experience more value-adding career development in one day with me than you’d expect to gain in an entire year through more conventional means. As a result, your career opportunities and leadership abilities can also accelerate at an astonishing rate, opening doors NOW to higher income, greater responsibility, and more influential status that might otherwise keep eluding your grasp for years.

Maybe you need to make your brand more dynamic and relevant, or you are frustrated with your attempts to build high performance teams. Perhaps you want to catapult ahead of the curve with online media networking and marketing. Or you may need help conveying a more persuasive leadership presence or communicating your brand up, down, and across the company grid with greater influence and credibility. You can leverage my expertise any way you want, and I’ll give you advanced models and templates, powerful take-home tools, and amazing methods that I’ve used to coach clients throughout the world. Just as they have done, you too can play a much bigger game – and see the results in an incredible accelerated and compressed timeframe.

Intense Leadership Development

A 1-Day intensive is not for everyone. I design these sessions with successful, hard-working, super ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs in mind. You must be fully dedicated to the process and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the work and meet the challenges we will set for your career advancement.

But if you believe in investing in your professional development and want innovative strategies to compete and win, you’ll love this experience. I’ll give you direct, honest, candid feedback coupled with positive support and intense training. Expect to be pushed beyond your comfort zone and asked to confront issues that may be life-changing. You’ll have to dig deep within yourself because that is the only way to uncover genuinely sustainable solutions.

I won’t just train you up to the limits of your talent and ability. I can recommend less demanding programs for that. But if you want to go beyond those boundaries and stretch far past your ordinary potential, then the 1-Day Intensive format is for you.

Take the First Step

If you are a new private client, I’ll ask you to complete a full questionnaire and do a pre-call to help us shape our collaboration around the specific challenges and issues you want to prioritize. We’ll devise a 1-Day blueprint to help you implement techniques, improve systems and processes, change unwanted behaviors, and enhance your brand and image.

Case History Summaries

To give you an idea of what happens during 1-Day Intensives, here are brief summaries of three I did recently.

1) Design Your Destiny

One client had plenty of ambition and talent, but told me she lacked confidence and focus. She had no faith in her career future. She suspected the obstacles were emotional or psychological and that she just didn’t believe in herself enough to succeed. But as we collaborated it became clear that the root of her difficulty was actually an inability to set benchmarks and goals. I had her do an exercise involving mapping out a 5-year plan to become the CEO of her own career destiny. From that baseline we designed annual, quarterly, and even monthly goals so she knew exactly where she needed to be at any given moment and had metrics to monitor and evaluate her progress.

By the end of the day, she had a crystal-clear vision of the future, strong confidence in her ability to reach big goals, and a visibly empowered and more credible leadership presence. All she had to do was go home and implement the plan. She arrived confused and unsure of herself, but by the end of one day she had been transformed into the architect of her destiny and knew that she would achieve all of her 5-year goals, one successful step at a time.

2) Stop Sabotaging Your Success

All of us struggle with deeply-imbedded obstacles to success that are internalized as self-limiting belief systems that are difficult to uncover and resolve. One of my male clients kept stumbling over his own lack of self esteem, despite the fact that he was highly successful in his field. His career always seemed to take wrong turns and unexplained detours, which was extremely frustrating for such a high caliber leader.

As we delved deeper into an investigation of his mindset and attitude, it became evident that negative thought patterns were undermining him at a subconscious level. Through rather intensive coaching he came to realize that unproductive internal chatter was the source of his weakened resolve and diminished executive presence. He learned how to listen for signs of his inner critic being triggered, and adopted psychological techniques for stopping those negative thoughts. I also taught him how to reframe negative ideas with a positive interpretation. In order to convey his new attitude as a leader, I helped him leverage the benefits of more powerfully chosen language and retrained him in the effective use of non-verbal communication skills.

By the end of the session he understood that his only roadblock to success had been himself, and armed with the psychology for success he knew how to monitor that internal chatter while stepping up his external game. Now he has practical tools and innovative methods to overcome self-created personal and professional limitations – while continuing to develop and expand his leadership capability and his career success.

3) Create a Unique Leadership Brand

Many times leaders don’t see the need for a personal brand and don’t know what a brand can do for them. But branding is crucial in order to convey who you are and what value you bring to the table. The problem is that so many people use brands that don’t fit their authentic personality. Many leaders observe that phenomenon and start to think that branding is superficial and meaningless.

They are right in their assessment that fake brands are worthless. I would go one step farther and say that if you use a generic, off-the-shelf brand you are doing yourself more harm that good in terms of marketing yourself, your value, and your professional reputation. But branding is critical. Without a great online and offline brand presence you are dead in the modern business world. You just need to discover your naturally unique and authentic brand.

One client who was dissatisfied with the impact of her brand flew to Atlanta to work with me and I began by interrogating what I call the “Why Factor.” Why are you doing what you do? Why are you in this particular career? Why should someone do business with you? Why is legacy important, and why do you want to leave one that endures for future generations?

Soon a picture of her genuine brand emerged, and once she could visualize it we began to concentrate on incorporating external packaging for the brand. What style and wardrobe best conveyed that brand? What accessories were needed to add image impact? What kind of language best suited her brand and image, and what visual impression did she need to make to attract her ideal clientele?

Once you understand exactly how to eloquently articulate your value-adding proposition – and how to make it resonate 24/7 with your target market – brand design As my client experienced after our 1-Day Intensive, your brand messaging becomes an organically scalable extension of your own charismatic professional presence. Not only does that kind of branding reinforce your unique value in a crowded and competitive marketplace, but it also bolsters your own self confidence and focused performance. That’s because a truly authentic brand derives its power from your natural personality, your heartfelt passions, and your goals, dreams, and vision.

Predictable Promotion™ Takeaway Exercise

Everything in the manifest world around you began as a feeling and a thought.

Write down “feeling words” that correspond with your vision of the leadership presence you want to project.

Words clients have used when doing this exercise include, for instance, “influence, income, performance, icon, successful, networking, authority, expertise, teamwork.”

Conjure up a mental image of how you look within that brand, adding as many details as possible. What are you wearing, what does your office look like, who is on your team, and what kinds of clients are you serving?

Keeping that picture in your mind, begin to define yourself with the words on your list. Soon your intentional meditation on success will start to manifest around you with concrete and quantifiable results.

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Consulting, provides leading-edge image and brand management strategies for top leaders and high achievers who wish to take their career to the next level. She also delivers innovative and inspiring corporate workshops to assist large organizations in strengthening their corporate brand.

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