Everyone is a Leader. But you have to own it.

Everyone is a Leader. But you have to own it.


If you’re reading this it already means you are motivated to achieve a bigger leadership role.  Well I have good news for you. Leadership responsibility is now yours for the taking! I hear from HR executives, CEOs, and other top level decision makers every week. What is their biggest complaint? High potentials who want to be promoted are not yet acting like the leaders they aspire to be. Complacency is killing their careers, and they don’t even know it.

Here are some tips and insights that will take you from thinking about leadership to acting as the leader you are destined to become:

Leadership isn’t a title on the door or a position you suddenly have handed to you; it’s a mindset and a demonstration of initiative. If you want to lead, lead! Believe me, the people with the power to promote you are waiting and watching.

Why don’t more people step it up and lead? It’s hard work. Leadership takes time and effort. Leaders have to get to work a few minutes earlier and stay a little later. So if you want the responsibility, invest in your organization as a stakeholder, not just an employee.

Thinking like an owner isn’t about being the top dog. It’s about owning the tasks that others skip because they believe “that’s somebody else’s responsibility.” There’s that word responsibility again! Those who grab it prove their leadership over the others who consistently avoid it. Which kind of employee are you?

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who reached greatness. They all had the same trait. They did not differentiate between professional leadership and personal development. They worked nonstop on being the best they possibly could. They were driven by a desire to utilize all of their drive and talent, not just some of it.

Because they were the CEOs of their own career destiny, official leadership positions found them. Promotions came looking for them. The key to predictable promotions is to develop yourself into the person who is most qualified for the top job.

I believe that each of us has everything we need inside of ourselves to have a larger-than-life positive impact on the world around us. But you have to want it more the next guy. Don’t let the apathy around you keep you from your destiny of greatness. Take responsibility – every time it presents itself to you. Soon you’ll have much of it that you’ll be automatically seen as the leader, and the perks and rewards of leadership will belong to you.


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