Double-Up On Leadership Success!

Double-Up On Leadership Success!

Scientific research confirms that observing a positive role model causes your brain to construct new neurological maps and pathways. Your mind is actually rewired, allowing you to start strategizing and problem solving in the ways that your role model does. We can actually increase measurable intelligence by embracing the positive practices of those who have an enhanced attitude and outlook!

Think about it. You don’t really need a personal trainer to get in better shape and lose weight. All you have to do is go to the gym and exercise. But in reality working with a personal trainer is always going to yield accelerated results. That’s because your personal trainer role model and coach pushes you past your ordinary limitations into the realm of the extraordinary.

The U.S. military did extensive research with training and mental preparation involving two groups of recruits. One group went straight into action, performing various mental and physical tasks. The other group, however, first spent guided and structured sessions observing and conversing with advanced experts. Rather than doing actual tasks, they simply associated and interacted with their more experienced role models. During the process they focused upon emulating their mindset, their outlook, and their confidence.

Finally, the group that invested one-on-one time with the experts was tested. Compared to the recruits who went straight to work on a project, their performance was astonishing. Those who took advantage of the chance to be around role models significantly excelled the recruits who didn’t have the opportunity.

The results of the experiment showed that soldiers were easier to train and develop if they first observed successful models. By giving a recruit a few days of sessions with role models, for instance, it was possible to accelerate their learning and shorten their skill acquisition and development by weeks or months.

What does it all mean for you? If you want to develop faster and go beyond your perceived limited potential, you need to work with someone who has the type of success you desire and who has been there! When you work with someone like a coach or mentor, you immerse yourself in personal association that gives you a significant advantage and capability. You can even reach a level where you compete and win against people who may have more education or natural talent than you.

Is 2013 the year you’ll experience your role model competitive edge and be noticed for “high above the crowd and promotable” career performance?

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