Cultivate a Predictable Results™ Mindset

Cultivate a Predictable Results™ Mindset

Predictable Results Mindset

Before other decision makers on the board of directors, in the C-suite, or at the head of the HR department are ready to promote you, the primary decision maker must be convinced. That decision maker is you!

Anyone can temporarily project confidence and enthusiasm on the surface in order to appear strong for an interview, presentation, or evaluation. But organizations don’t hand out promotions based on a 15-minute audition. They invest in those whose leadership runs deep, through thick and thin, and to win those coveted promotions you need to develop a truly authentic and genuine leadership brand. That kind of brand resonates from a solid inner core of confidence and energy.

You cannot succeed with an ill-fitting off-the-rack brand that you put on every morning like makeup. You have to have a believable, sustainable brand, and that means that it needs to align with your own personal belief system. Convince yourself, in other words, and then you’ll automatically persuade and influence others who will want to emulate your leadership qualities and hold you up as their standard-bearer and role model.

The Predictable Results™ Mindset is based on the discovery of what really motivates and inspires you. Unfortunately, many aspiring leaders fall short of the mark because they are constantly motivated by fear and insecurity. We’ve all had those kinds of bosses who hide their own shortcomings behind criticism and blame of others. Or they aren’t comfortable in their own skin or satisfied within themselves, so they make life miserable for everyone around them.

That’s why the first place to look when trying to develop a great leadership brand is at your work/life balance. Lose your balance and you lose your power and strength, as anyone who’s ever tried to surf or water ski can tell you! But develop a mindset around inner balance and authenticity and you’ll find virtually unlimited power. You’ll exude the kind of executive presence that will make you not just a competent leader but an iconic one who is in high demand.

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