Give Your Attitude More Altitude

Give Your Attitude More Altitude

Give Your Attitude More Altitude

Mindset is Influential

Attitude is contagious and can spread like wildfire in a positive way that enhances productivity and raises the energy level of everyone around you. Of course negativity is just as contagious and can also go viral, infecting the whole organization with low morale and a naysayer vibe.

That’s true for anyone in the company. But if you happen to be a leader then your ability to influence the attitudes of others by your own outlook is many times greater. You’re the role model and the catalyst – the standard bearer and motivational chief. So it is vitally important to your success as a leader and to the team spirit of those who look up to you that you demonstrate supercharged positivity.

Positivity is Healthy

It is also a well-documented fact that leaders shoulder an extraordinary amount of stress, carrying the weight of responsibility on their shoulders night and day. That kind of load can not only undermine your executive presence and professional ability, but it can trigger actual medical problems that have the power to sideline you completely. Every day leaders throughout corporate America succumb to illnesses and conditions that range from fatigue and exhaustion to hypertension and heart attacks.

But the fantastic thing about giving your attitude more altitude is that it improves every facet of your life. The mind is the source of all our ideas, thoughts, and creative imagination. Give it positive fuel and your perspective automatically opens up to see things that are otherwise camouflaged. An energetic mind doesn’t get fixated on problems but it expands to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. With an enhanced mindset you also gain poise, greater confidence, and persuasive magnetism.

Leader Means “Head” So Keep Yours in the Game

Destroy the head and you kill the body. But tune-out the negative chatter, pump-up the volume on those self-affirming messages, and see infinite possibility where others only see ordinary limitations. Do that and your leadership will be exponentially more powerful and influential. Get your own head in the game – and your mind in the winning zone – and the whole team will follow you to greater heights of success!

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