Think and Believe Big, Then Live Your Vision

Think and Believe Big, Then Live Your Vision


In the 21st century we no longer have to be satisfied with careers that promise delayed gratification that only starts after retirement. You can celebrate your passions along the way and love your work, by utilizing intentional vision that yields predictable promotions defined on your own unique terms.

Generate your personal definition of value and compensation that includes enriching and rewarding experiences. Then translate what you want from your life into precious human capital and bring it to the table for your organization.
That’s becoming easier to do, because companies have learned that when your career is aligned with your personal vision of possibility and potential your performance and productivity skyrockets. That’s why the most progressive organizations invest heavily in employees who discovered their career paths while following their hearts.

Companies are also hungry for leaders who have panoramic vision of the whole organizational landscape, because to effectively lead today’s enlightened workforce you have to have a well-rounded, broader vision. Look for lateral and diagonal promotions, for example, that fulfill your desire for a more vibrant work/life balance. You’ll begin to recognize hidden potential all over the organizational grid – not just higher up the rungs of the old-fashioned vertical ladder.

Modern brands are about social dialog and ongoing reciprocation, not unidirectional marketing. Similarly, your leadership brand has to be grounded in your own unique personal vision of what kind of life you want to lead and create for others. Your ability to inspire requires that you stay inspired. You have to believe in yourself and express that conviction and commitment by aligning your work and career with your individual identity quest or spiritual journey through life.

Each of us leaves behind a footprint as we pass through the world. But it is up to you to decide what kind of imprint you want to make – and why. Create the life you choose to live and make that your customized compensation package!

You must, however, commit to your goals and development in tangible, concrete ways. Don’t keep dreams vague and distant or they’ll elude you like a mirage that evaporates before you reach it. Think as big as you possibly dare. Believe in the real potential of your unique and personal vision. Paint your own vividly detailed masterpiece of a life and career. Than begin living it right now, because the present moment is where everything happens!

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