Career Acceleration Expert Sarah Hathorn Offers 5 Hot Tips to “Zigzag to the Top” For Predictable Promotions

Career Acceleration Expert Sarah Hathorn Offers 5 Hot Tips to “Zigzag to the Top” For Predictable Promotions


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Career Acceleration Expert Sarah Hathorn Offers 5 Hot Tips to “Zigzag to the Top” For Predictable Promotions

Follow these innovative strategies to ensure predictable promotions in record time during unpredictable economic times of downsizing, layoffs, and mergers.

Atlanta, GA, – May 25, 2011 – Executives and entrepreneurs who follow five innovative tips can earn lucrative promotions in record time despite the challenges of today’s economy, says Sarah Hathorn of Illustra Consulting, an Atlanta-based career advisory firm.

Hathorn created the innovative Predictable Promotion System™, a 10-step proprietary process that the career acceleration expert and executive coach uses to coach high potentials and top-level entrepreneurs. Hathorn and her methods are in high demand this year, and within the past few weeks her advice has been featured in both Money Magazine and the New York Times.

“The fast track used to be vertical,” says Hathorn. “Now it’s all about zigzagging your way to the top versus taking the elevator.”

She offers these five tips on how to do that:

#1 Volunteer – During mergers, acquisitions, and periods of downsizing and layoffs those who lend a hand to relieve their bosses of extra tasks, assist coworkers to meet deadlines, or pitch in to train newcomers become invaluable and indispensible assets worthy of greater responsibility.

#2 Specialize, then Generalize – Master one specialty, but then seize any opportunity to work in other departments of the organization or aspects of operations that are unfamiliar. Those with a panoramic view of the organization are more qualified to lead in a big way, so making lateral moves is often to fastest way to earn a vertical promotion.

#3 Celebrate the Competition – Those who showcase the accomplishments of teammates, coworkers, and employees indirectly promote themselves as selfless leaders who inspire performance and productivity.

#4 Practice Mentor Management – Rather than simply giving orders, teach people value-adding skills to help accelerate their own careers while also being their go-to role model. Managing by mentoring is a great way to get more from employees while also gaining hands-on leadership experience to qualify for promotion to the next level.

#5 To Lead is to Learn – A prerequisite to predictable promotions in this day and age is lifelong learning and continual skill acquisition. That ensures a sustainable career and those who challenge themselves with new learning never burn out from boredom.
Hathorn reports that those who know how to leverage the new “zigzag to the top” phenomenon to their own advantage are currently thriving, despite layoffs and downsizing. Plus they are enjoying more rewarding careers by negotiating personalized benefit packages or positions that provide a richer quality of life.

“The smart movers and shakers seek perks on their own terms, rather than just trying to fill a predecessor’s shoes,” she explains. “They define success and promotion based on fulfillment and satisfaction, not prestigious titles. When they experience both material and spiritual rewards then they know they have really arrived.”

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