Affordable Anti-Aging Skin Products that Dermatologists Recommend

Affordable Anti-Aging Skin Products that Dermatologists Recommend

Having been a retail fashion executive for many years, I know that good skin care is the foundation for a healthy and younger look. During my 20-plus years with Macy’s I think I tried every beauty cream and skin care line on the market. Some lines are very expensive, and while I realize that you need to stay with the same skin care products not everyone can afford such high price points. 

So I visited my fabulous dermatologist, Dr. Amy E Kim at the Metropolitan Dermatologic Surgery PC office of Emory University Hospital system. I thought I would share with you her advice for anti-aging skin care secrets in the latest non-prescription products. 

I asked her what skin care line she would recommend for professional business women who didn’t want to spend a fortune on fancy packaging and miracle products. Her advice was simple, and I wanted to pass it along. 

Her suggestion was for women to buy an over-the-counter skin care product line called Olay Regenerist line. This line has been created with the input of dermatologists and helps to keep skin appearing younger and healthier. I did some research and found many very positive reviews on the Internet. But don’t take my word for it – do your own research and you’ll see that many of these products have won awards including Reader’s Choice and/or Health & Beauty awards from Allure, Shape, and Women’s Health magazines. 

There are numerous products in this line and you really have to ascertain which products would be most beneficial to you in overcoming your skin challenges. On the website they have an assessment tool to help determine which would be the best products for you to use – depending on your skin type and the particular issues you would like to solve. 

If you want to save money on skin care products and start to prevent the skin’s aging process, here is the website link:

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do! 

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