Jackets: The power items in every professional wardrobe

Jackets: The power items in every professional wardrobe

The way you dress to present yourself as a leader or high
achiever sends messages to people and the jacket is the most powerful and
credible item in your wardrobe. When you wear a suit jacket, modern jacket, sports
coat, or blazer you send a silent Jacketsmessage that you are “the expert.”

The right jacket also communicates to others that you care
about how you are perceived as a professional. Nothing conveys influential and
trustworthy qualities like a great jacket – and in a tough economic environment
where our prospects don’t know whom to trust that becomes an essential wardrobe
asset. That’s why the jacket is key. I always suggest to my clients that they
build their professional wardrobes around a selection of jackets made from
exquisite fabrics. Invest in a few tailored styles and a few that are more
modern and contemporary for the flexibility to easily add to and enhance your
business casual ensembles.

You always want to feel authentic in your clothing choices. So
you should shop for jacket styles that resonate with your unique personal

  • Whether you are a man or a
    woman, a tailored classic jacket in a modern cut will always work for you
    to convey a classic-modern style – if that’s the look you want to wear.
  • If you are a female who
    wants to show a little bit of her romantic side at work, try to shop for a
    jacket collar with a small ruffling around the lapel.
  • Want to be slightly more
    on the cutting-edge of trends to show your passion for fashion while
    maintaining that professional image? Men may want to check out the new
    2-button sport coat trends this season, in a navy pinstripe or a charcoal
    grey subtle print.
  • Meanwhile ladies can look
    for a modern “wow” jacket that is stylish and sassy but in a great power
    color like navy or taupe.

Next time you step into your closet, look at your jacket
collection. Are they professional and versatile to give you multiple wardrobe
options? If your closet is bare of this power piece then I suggest you begin
shopping for a few basic jackets. They will give you the look of expertise and
power you need today to attract more clients and prospects, and your jackets
will be your new secret to silently influential image messaging.

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