How to Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Under Two Minutes

How to Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Under Two Minutes

The beginning of the year is always the time when professionals
make new resolutions to work out more often, lose a few pounds, and eat
healthier. While I am all for people taking care of themselves and living a
healthy lifestyle, I recommend that you don’t wait until you are 20 pounds
lighter to begin investing in your image. Great opportunities can pass you by
while you are waiting to be your ideal weight.

Here are 5 great tips to get you into action today and create
an illusion that you look 20 pounds thinner in the 2 minutes it takes you to
get dressed:

1) Pay attention to vertical lines. These lines in seams,
pinstripes, and piping tend to draw the viewer’s eye up and down, making you
appear taller and thinner.

2) Steer clear of bulky fabrics like boucle and heavy wools
which tend to add a few pounds to your frame. You want more refined wools and
fabrics to slim down your silhouette.

3) Keep embellishments to a minimum. Just like heavy
fabrics, articles of clothing with a lot of embellishment and details hanging
all over you add pounds and it can attract the viewer’s eye to the very area
you are trying to camouflage.

4) To instantly appear more slender, try wearing the same
hue from head to toe. For instance, wear shades of blue from a mid-tone blue in
the upper body to a dark navy on the bottom half. This technique minimizes
contrast between the two colors, so the eye doesn’t stop when the two tones

5) Don’t wear clothes that are too large or too small. Find
a great tailor that can take an “off the rack” look and make it look custom
made. Everyone needs to have a tailor who knows how to just drape the silhouette
to make you appear slimmer. Clothes that are too big add pounds, and when you
are trying to squeeze into tight fitting clothes you appear to weigh more than
you actually do.

about these five tips when you go shopping the next time. Stores will put out
the latest trends, but you need to shop for the lines, fabrics and fittings
that work just for you.

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