A Positive Brand Must Permeate Your Whole Business Environment

A Positive Brand Must Permeate Your Whole Business Environment

Many professionals spend a great deal of money on
advertising, marketing materials, and website production in order to
effectively communicate their brand. But in the process they forget one of the
most essential ingredients – the all-encompassing and important brand

Your brand environment is one of the most observable and
effective ways that your unique brand message is conveyed to clients and
colleagues. A great marketing technique is to match your brand environment to
your uniqueness, so that both resonate harmoniously with your target
audience.  Let’s say, for example, that
your brand message is about sophistication and elegance. Ask yourself if your
business environment implies those same qualities, and examine how your
business environment and the tools you use represent those particular

Perhaps you want your brand to advertise that you are
approachable and friendly – or maybe the message you want to exude is that you
are a leading edge visionary. Whatever the concept is, make sure it
consistently saturates the entire brand environment.

To evaluate your brand environment, take into account
everything from the list below:

The décor and physical layout and organization
of your office.

The ambience of locations where you meet with
clients for business discussions.

Places you hold conferences, workshops, or

Tech tools like your desktop computer, laptop or
mobile phone.

The vehicle you drive to meet clients.

Business tools like your briefcase, messenger
bag, portfolio, or writing instruments.

All of these things create impressions of your brand that
are perceived by your competition, your colleagues and your clients. Make sure
you always project a strong brand through your environment and business tools,
to give you a constant brand message presence. Keep in mind that your brand
environment must remain congruent with your messaging. Ask your colleagues or a
professional brand strategist for their point of view and assessment, and have
them really critique your brand environment to see if it ties back into your
brand bio and marketing message.

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