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My colleague, Debi Silver The Mojo Coach®, President of Lifestyle Fitness and the Founder of shares her 6 step plan for success to overcome those challenges that you may be struggling with. She offers great products and information to help you reach your peak potential.I highly recommend Debi and her system. I'd love to hear your comments.

By Debi Silver The Mojo Coach®

How do you create lasting change this year in the areas that we struggle with most? As always, it starts with a plan and to help get you started, here’s a six-step plan for success:

1.The first step is to re‐evaluate the previous year. Start by asking yourself “How did it go? How did you handle things? Did you handle yourself the way you wanted to?” Find your answers using the areas we typically struggle with most.

Nutrition/Healthy Eating: How did you handle yourself with food? Did you do a lot of social/binge/emotional or mindless eating?

Fitness/Exercise: How was your fitness? Were you motivated, did you enjoy your workouts and did you get the results you wanted?

Stress Control: How did you handle stress? Who or what was stressful for you and how did you handle it?

Emotional Health/Mindset: How was your emotional outlook? Were you as positive or optimistic as you would have liked?

Relationships: Take a look at your relationships. Were they supportive, loving, nurturing or