07 Dec

The Professional Man’s Fall Wardrobe Checklist

Every season men need to reevaluate what is in their
wardrobe. This season I’ve compiled the latest checklist to ensure you have a
polished appearance both at work and at play. Here are a few of my latest
fashion favorites that were recently spotted in the stores:

A Modern Suit
This offers a classic-hip way to appear innovative for our changing times.
There are some great new fabrics that update that classic look for this winter

A Navy Blue or Camel
– A blazer is a key wardrobe piece to wear with dress trousers on
business casual days or with dark denim on date nights.

Straight Collar Dress
– A few great dress shirts in colors like white, ecru, and blue made
with a fine cotton weave will update modern suits and can be worn with or
without a sport coat.

Button-down Shirts
– Basic button down shirts are great to wear when you want a more relaxed,
casual feel. Buy two or more to pair with a blazer or sweater for a cozy,
comfortable look.

Dark Finish Jeans
– This is the new replacement for khakis or other casual pants you may have
worn during the weekends. I call these the new black pant and they are dressier
than the faded washed denim we all wore years ago. Another tip is that the dark
color instantly slims you down.

A Great Shoe
– Every man needs a pair of dress shoes and some casual slip-ons
in both brown and black. For weekend wear shop for a pair of modern leather
shoes to wear with jeans and corduroys. Leave your gym shoes for yard work or
going to the gym.

High Quality Accessories
– You will need both dressy and casual belts in both brown and black to match
the tone of your shoes. Try to add a little texture to these by shopping for
work belts created out of fine leather like snakeskin, crocodile, or lizard.

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