04 Jun

Five Must-Have’s Every Woman Needs in Her Summer Wardrobe

Women today are afraid of spending a lot of money on their
wardrobe thinking it is a luxury. Having a nice well-rounded wardrobe will
affect your attitude during today’s difficult times and make you feel more
confident and beautiful, which is an investment in you! Spending a few dollars
on something that makes you feel wonderful can counteract the amount of stress
you have going on in your life. It’s like clothing therapy for your soul.  You can find many of these items at stores like Target, Kohl’s and outlet stores because now major designers are finding it is
more chic to be offering their designs at lower-priced stores. 

Here is my list of 5 top items every woman needs in her
wardrobe for Summer 09:

1). A Great Summer
– I’m not talking the little black dress, but a fun, colorful dress
that makes you feel feminine and sexy. Every woman’s figure type can wear a
dress and actually look slimmer by showing off her legs. Look for a great dress
that makes you feel fabulous this season.

2). Statement Jewelry
– This season look for a large awesome necklace in a chunky turquoise or a
multi-link chain of coral, or a multi-colored cuff. Show off being bold and
some bling to make you feel elegant.

3). The Statement
– There are multiple colors of bright patent leather shoes out this
season. It doesn’t have to be a high-heel, it can be a wedge or a flat that
draws attention to your style.   

4). A Flattering Jean  – Jeans are that great items that is an
essential all year round. This summer opt for a pair of white jeans, which look
fresh and summery. As always, the jeans do not have to be expensive, it’s the
fit that makes them look great. Pair your white jeans with a bright T-shirt and
look crisp for and casual occasion.

5). The Cardigan – This
season stores are stocking cardigans
every shape and color. Try a bright yellow, green or blue to add some color to
your business casual wardrobe or pair with a shorts and T-shirt on a cool
summer evening.

I hope you will think about your current wardrobe and
evaluate if you have these five items for summer. If not, head to the mall this weekend when the summer sales are already happening!

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