Are You Following These Tips to Boost Leadership & Productivity DNA?

Are You Following These Tips to Boost Leadership & Productivity DNA?

Are You Following These Tips to Boost Leadership & Productivity DNA?

Businesses and entrepreneurs spend increasing amounts of time, money, and effort to raise the levels of their productivity. Those that are smart and strategic also invest in the same way to enhance their leadership capability. That’s how you make yourself more sustainably competitive and profitable, and how you attract the best clients, vendors, employees, and partners.

Unfortunately, many organizations only treat superficial symptoms of deeper systemic problems, not their corporate DNA. That’s why they aren’t getting the results and ROI they expect. But without a more insightful plan, they keep throwing money at problems that don’t go away but only get worse.

Many organizations only treat superficial symptoms of deeper systemic problems, not their corporate DNA. Share on X

4 Ways to Bolster Your Corporate Success DNA

  1. Develop as a Corporate DNA Change Agent

Most business leaders find this concept a bit abstract, because they don’t fully grasp it and haven’t experienced it firsthand. But that’s like a freshman science student who doesn’t yet understand how DNA works, compared to a PhD genetic engineer who sees it as a practical, realistic, invaluable success tool.

Fortune 500 executives used to feel the same way about computers, back when that innovation emerged. Now they are so vital to business success that every professional carries at least one or two at all times, whether it’s an iPad, smartphone, or laptop.

Don’t be the dinosaur in the room. Develop your brand and expertise as a corporate DNA change agent, and you’ll ensure that you’re in high demand and that all of your teams thrive.

  1. Feed the Organization Vital Nutrients

Then recruit, train, and develop other leaders who get it. The genetic makeup of your company starts on the ground floor, with the pipeline that will make or break your future.

Fill it with successful, sustainable, scalable DNA by hiring talent who can drive it forward so it permeates your entire organization and corporate culture.

Empower them and hold them accountable, to design the kind of inclusive, high-morale, high productivity teams who will cross-collaborate for game-changing innovation and profitable performance that clobbers the competition.

  1. Identify DNA Strengths and Weaknesses

Remember. Any problem you see has a root cause, just as any cough you develop is only an external symptom of an underlying issue. To succeed with appropriate remedies, you have to analyze your organization at the granular, forensic level.

That requires shining the light into the blind spots, which is something many of my clients hire me to do. As an objective outside observer with no departmental bias or political agenda, I am able to spot DNA-level genetic deficiencies that may otherwise remain hidden or camouflaged.

Then we develop a plan of action to address those, eliminating the weak, underperforming DNA and replacing it with healthy, vibrant solutions at the executive, team, department, and permanent organizational levels.

  1. Leverage the DNA Multiplier Effect

The phenomenal thing about adapting your leadership strategy around a corporate success DNA model is that whatever solutions you implement have far-reaching effects.

It’s like when you alter the DNA in your genetic profile. That forever changes the entire evolution of the organism. After all, businesses are really nothing more than social organisms with equipment and technology that they use to get things done.

But if the organism has defective DNA, no amount of external work or expensive technology will fix it.

Takeaway Questions

Generating measurable results is easy and swift, once you apply those four important principles. To get started, ask yourself:

  1. Does our corporate culture reflect the genetics of a thriving corporate DNA?
  2. What are the potential blind spots?
  3. Which problems can be traced back to the DNA level?
  4. What changes can be implemented to solve those at the root?

Medical DNA technology is the way of the future and will likely cure diseases that today are considered untreatable. Corporate DNA will do the same. But to take advantage of it you have to stay ahead of the curve, as an early adopter. Those are the companies and leaders I see in my daily work who are already reaping paradigm-shifting rewards.

Questions about corporate DNA? Give me a call; let’s answer them.

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