Use These Proven Strategic Leadership Mindset Tips

Use These Proven Strategic Leadership Mindset Tips

Use These Proven Strategic Leadership Mindset Tips

Do you have the background and experience, but still lack the confidence to lead? Do you keep comparing yourself to others or trying to imitate them, because you doubt your own abilities? You may want to reach your ultimate potential, but you’re scared that you’ll risk failure. Trust me, if these thoughts cross your mind you aren’t alone. Many people suffer from a restrictive mindset, and it can be deeply rooted in your emotional and psychological development. But the good news is that with practice you can transform your unsure attitude into a predictably successful leadership mindset. That will give you a whole new perspective and a source of powerful clarity, poise, and executive presence. Dozens of my Fortune 500 clients and private coaching CEOs have learned to master their mindset and you can, too. It all starts with practicing some key principles and techniques.

As a CEO, senior executive, or middle manager you face new challenges on a daily basis. You may have to handle recent organizational changes, meet higher sales goals, counteract downward market conditions, or prepare for your next promotion. No matter what issues need to be addressed, your mind is probably your most effective business tool. The more you learn to master and control your mindset, the more you’ll experience rapid, positive results – both professionally and personally. We’ve all seen how great business leaders such as Jack Welsh, Richard Branson, and Anne Mulcahy utilize a growth-oriented mindset to turn organizations around and achieve dramatic outcomes.

Here are 6 Predictable Mindset Secrets that will ensure you achieve that same kind of predictable results:

1) Practice is Essential:

Confidence comes with mastery, and to master your mindset you have to practice pushing past the negativity and expanding beyond your comfort zone. When that kind of new growth becomes a habit and part of your daily leadership regimen, you will experience career and life-changing results.

2) Accept Responsibility:

Maybe your presentation or new initiative failed to gain traction. Don’t play the blame game or stress-out over it. Just own it with genuine, honest leadership accountability. That way, instead of being defined by failure, you will be defined by accountable responsibility. That’s a rare and valuable leadership trait. Learn from  your mistakes and get back into the game with renewed perseverance.

3) Behavior Dictates Your Results:

Your results are a direct function of your everyday behavior, attitude, and action. Visualize the reality you want to create. Then take the practical steps to achieve it through strategic thought leadership, hard work, and a positive attitude that defeats negativity and attracts success.

4) Control the Internal Dialog:

The person you hear from and talk to the most each day is you. So make sure that voice in your head is a friend, not a naysayer. Practice nipping any negative mental chatter and commentary in the bud by intentionally and consciously replacing it with words and images of support, encouragement, and solution-oriented imagination.

5) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others:

You may admire your colleagues and competitors and hold mentors in high regard as role models. But when you start to judge yourself unworthy in comparison to others, that undermines your self-esteem and suppresses your own uniquely valuable attributes and talents. Instead of trying to be someone else, channel that powerful energy into being the best version of your authentic self.

6) Upgrade of Your Expectations:

Wake up each day and set your personal bar of excellence at least 10 degrees higher. The only way to raise your standards and achieve beyond your perceived limitations is to impose higher expectations on yourself. That changes your whole perspective and identity. It reveals possibilities to become more successful than you’d imagine or recognize otherwise.

When you utilize these powerful Predictable Mindset tools, you’ll exude more confidence and feel more empowered. That’s the key that will unlock accelerated results for you, in every area of endeavor and influence.

Today’s unpredictable, ever-changing times call for predictable, successful mindset mastery leadership skills. Are you feeling stuck in your career or doubting your value? If so, Sarah has helped thousands of leaders understand how to overcome chronic or camouflaged mindset issues and achieve exponentially greater results. If you’re interested in hearing more about how she can quickly elevate the mindset of you or your team, please contact her at [email protected].



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