4 Tips to Instantly Boost Leadership Attitude

4 Tips to Instantly Boost Leadership Attitude

4 Tips to Instantly Boost Leadership Attitude

The great leaders I’ve admired, known, or coached all practice four mindset techniques every day, until the are second nature and part of their executive DNA. I use the acronym MIND to help you remember these strategies so you, too, can implement them and benefit from them.



Effective leaders constantly monitor their mental attitude, on a granular level, by scanning the theatre of the mind for positive and negative chatter and internal messages.

Think of it as mindset radar. You must be vigilant and catch every blip that comes across the screen. Otherwise, if you don’t even realize what is happening in your mind, you are helpless to manage it.

Most leaders, unfortunately, lack the self-awareness necessary to successful track and monitor their minds. Monitor your mind proactively and you will instantly propel yourself into rare leadership DNA territory for greater success.


The goal of monitoring is to identify the negative talk…the kinds of mental dialog that can self-sabotage your leadership phrases like “I can’t,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not qualified,” and so forth. Those only undermine your confidence and only create internal doubt and stress.
When you let them play in your head it seeps out in your executive presence to exude fear and a lack of credibility and strength. That, in turn, damages your leadership brand – and weakens your leadership DNA. Ultimately it can halt your career advancement.

Oftentimes when I work with highly qualified leaders who aren’t as productive and successful as they should be, we find that it is because of deep-seeded issues of self identity. But by identifying the negative chatter than supports that unhealthy DNA they cure it.



Stopping the negative chatter is only the beginning. We want to practice replacing it with a whole new mindset that will be the source of bold energy, focus, clarity, and gravitas. Not only can you reframe negative ideas into positive ones, you can also reinterpret a negative personal or career narrative to showcase resiliency, determination, and experience.

That can add to your soft skill set, which is priceless for predictable promotions. It also shows your human side in a special, relatable way that will help others connect to and respect you in genuine ways that foster collaborative, inclusive teamwork.

Even when you don’t agree with others, you can learn from them in ways that solve problems or lead to unexpected innovations.  Practice keeping an open mind and being an active, attentive listener. That will finesse your communication strategies, and also help you avoid mistakes, know your team better, and progressively cultivate strong, shared, successful corporate DNA.



Just as human DNA doesn’t develop or change overnight, neither does leadership DNA. You have to practice mindset management until it becomes instinctual, and you have to be willing to confront your fears and push beyond them to that phenomenal zone of greatest growth.

But if you do that, your entire perspective will change. Opportunities will suddenly appear where obstacles used to be. You will exude a new magnetism and leadership presence that is charismatic, persuasive, and inspiring to others.

That’s because you’ll be leveraging the unlimited power of the mind and subconscious mind as one of your leadership tools. You will tap into a whole new source of bold energy, focus, clarity, and charismatic gravitas.

Monitor your mind…it’s your most powerful asset as a leader. Identify what is holding you back, and what will accelerate you forward. Nurture the positive and cast off the negative. With this kind of discipline comes a harnessing of unbelievable energy…and once you become mindful…of the MIND formula…it can change your life.

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